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■ Danone Beluga

[Addasiad canolradd]The Emperor’s Prize in the previous race was the first in five months since the Japanese Derby. It was a battle where Panthalassa performed a spectacular escape, but Equinox, who cut him off, was fantastic, and Danone Beluga, who was close in 3rd place behind the neck, also had a great run. After that, the situation was seen in the stable, and since the recovery is going well, Hong Kong refused in December and is preparing for the Japan Cup. On 10 November, 15-15 on the slopes, and on the 13th, the load was gradually increased to 12 seconds 6 (horse) in the last 1F on the slopes. Although he was going around the inside of the riding area, he achieved the first achievement with an excellent growth of 3F 36 seconds 6 (nary horse).

◆[Rhagolwg Cwpan Japan 2022 / Anuma Analyze Vol.3]Assassin assumed more than “20 times” “Chance of one hit with targeted rotation”

[dal i fyny terfynol]There was a heavy load on all three horses last week, so this week we will make some adjustments. Instead of leading the semi-open horses, they didn’t line up, and when they moved steadily forward into the middle of the riding field, they ran through it as if they were horses.

[Barn]There is sharpness, and the gears are picked up smoothly. At first glance, there appears to be no recovery from the previous run. Still, in terms of the general load, even if there is a reflection on the overwork in the Japanese derby, there is something unsatisfactory, and it is undeniable that the camp is quite concerned. Even in the final chase, I wanted a little more clarity at the end. Up to parallel lines at best.

Comprehensive evaluation “B”

M Another diagnosis, hold up
◆[Diagnosis Dal i Fyny]High evaluation of the ambush with the probability of “20 times” “Possibility of a big job”

◆[Diagnosis dal i fyny]grade “S” surpasses Shahryar

◆[Diagnosis dal i fyny]High “A” evaluation for GI horses that completely missed the previous race “Immediately improved with one shot”

Japan Cup 2022 prediction column list

▼ Data strategy
◆[Cipio data]Facts in the “10th year in a row” betting ticket “Signs of winning” drifting in one of the top two

◆[Cipio data]Supplemental rate of over 80%, knocking off GI horses “Strength unmatched in international races”

◆[Cipio data]”Hidden southern papa” from the big defeat of the previous race “100% win rate” causes turmoil

◆[Cipio data]Favorable conditions around the expected “10 popularity” with favorable conditions greater than “70% win rate”

▼ Anuma’s Predictions
◆[Anauma Analyze Vol.1]Explosive hole around 12 popularity the day before “We should hit a heavy mark here where popularity has fallen”

◆[Anauma Analyze Vol.2]A foreign horse with “2 digit” winning odds “The backdrop is full of camp sexiness”

◆[Anuma Analyze Vol.3]Assassin with more than 20 times the “One shot chance with Rote aiming” assumption

◆[Ceffyl poblogaidd peryglus]GI horses awaiting resuscitation are “removed” “There are many “smell” materials for reversal…”

▼ Jockey data
◆[Data Joci]The hard axle is also “steady to 3rd place and has a spell” Master on the betting ticket rate of “66.7%” when the conditions are met

▼ Genealogical tendency
◆[Tuedd pedigri]Expected “10 popularity” windfall Accompanied by favorable conditions 100% betting ticket rate

▼ Other data trends for the last 10 years
◆[Trefn ffrâm]7 slots with a top 2 ratio of only 4.3% for the top two.

◆[Arwyddion tramor]French and German Honest Tunes are highly rated by popular bookie 1 Danone Beluga

◆[Tueddiad o ansawdd coesau]The fastest climb is only “1 win”.

◆[Cylchdro rasio blaenorol]The centerpiece of the betting ticket is the “Autumn” group, but watch out for the unusual rotation for the first time in 9 years

◆[Tuedd poblogrwydd]”1 + 2 + 3 popularity” settle for 2 years in a row, but be careful of “6 popularity” or less this year

◆[Chwarae fideo / Cwpan Japan 2021]Undefeated Triple Crown horse Contrail, who broke through after his sire Deep Impact, finished with a 5th GI win

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