Japan court bans operation of three nuclear power plants on Hokkaido island pointing out that the measures to prevent tsunami are not good enough

AP – Japanese court today(31 May) issued an order from Hokkaido Electric Power Co. to ban the power of three nuclear power plants after it found insufficient measures to prevent tsunami if operating, risking lives on the island. Amid heavy push from the Tokyo government after it announced sanctions on energy imports from Russia, according to the United States.

The AP reported today (May 31) that the Sapporo District Court issued its ruling on Tuesday (31) that Hokkaido Electric Power Co. must not go ahead with any of the three reactor plants it has located within the Tomari Nuclear Power Plant (Tomari). Tomari) in northern Japan due to the lack of important safety precautions that can affect the lives of people in the area.

However, the electricity company Hokkaido Electric Power Co. announced that. will appeal against the verdict and point to the verdict that “Totally regrettable and unacceptable”

Japan was hit by a devastating tsunami of more than 15 meters in 2011 that crashed the Tepco nuclear power plant in Fukushima, causing the reactor cores to melt and release a large amount of radioactivity. to the outside

And that incident caused many nuclear power plants across Japan to shut down for safety checks and improvements. The Tomari Nuclear Power Plant has not been operating since 2012.

However, it was found that the Japanese government of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has called on the nuclear power plant to resume generating electricity to replace the energy imported from Russia, where Kishida announced sanctions for the Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine. past and also to reduce the phenomenon of global warming Worried that the country would not have enough energy to use.

Chief Justice Tetsuya Taniguchi said in the ruling that Hokkaido Electric had failed to take measures in response to the concerns and showed that it was “too bad”. The factory’s existing g-seawall is safe. The dam was built after the Fukushima power plant crisis, but has been questioned about structural issues that may not meet standards.

which the Hokkaido Electricity Company firmly confirmed that The new sea dam was effective in blocking a 16.5-meter-high tsunami barrier, but declined to disclose structural details or other plans. The Sapporo District Court said The factory is located at an altitude of 10 meters above the sea surface.

In addition, the verdict at the end also said Hokkaido Company Dielectric failed to adequately describe the safety assurances of nuclear power used within the plant, the AP reported.

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