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Japan marks the territory of Dokdo and marks the’Red Spot’… Tokyo Olympics boycott voices louder

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Boycott claims including Lee Nak-yeon and Jeong Sye-gyun
Controversy over COVID-19 immunity
The IOC is backed up and “we are not responsible”

▲ On the 23rd (local time), people are taking pictures in front of the Olympic Ring in Tokyo, Japan. (Tokyo/EPA Yonhap News)

When Japan marked Dokdo as their territory on the Tokyo Olympics website, backlash came from political circles. Former Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun and former Democratic Party representative Lee Nak-yeon even insisted on a boycott of the Tokyo Olympics. In addition, controversy is growing as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) demands a pledge of responsibility for the athletes participating in the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

Prime Minister Jeong posted a post on his Facebook page on the 30th, criticizing that “Japan’s marking of the Olympic map Dokdo is Japan’s obvious political provocation to the Republic of Korea,” and that “political neutrality is the most important principle of the Olympics.” On the 27th, former representative Lee also said, “I strongly urge the Japanese government to immediately delete the mark of Dokdo.” “If Japan refuses to the end, the government will have to take all possible measures, including the Olympic boycott, to respond decisively.”

The power of the people was also opposed. Spokesman Bae Jun-young said in a verbal comment that afternoon, “Dokdo is a Korean territory that is clear historically, geographically, and internationally,” and said, “I hope that the dangerous actions that will deteriorate Japan-Korea relations will stop now.”

Earlier, Japan was controversial by marking Dokdo as Japanese territory in a map that introduces the torch relay course on the Tokyo Olympics website. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced a strong response and requested deletion, but the Japanese government refused. Japanese Minister Kato Katsunobu said in a press conference held at the Japanese Prime Minister’s residence on the 28th, “Takeshima (the name of Japan’s claimant Dokdo) is clearly Japan’s own territory, even in light of historical facts and international law, It cannot be done.”

In addition, the IOC’s attitude regarding the Corona 19 infection became a problem. The Yomiuri Shimbun reported on the 29th that the IOC Chief Operating Officer (COO) Lana Hadard signed an agreement that the organizer (Japan) will be exempted from the event if a player participating in the Tokyo Olympics is infected with Corona 19 during the tournament at an online forum held on the 27th (local time). He reported that he expressed his intention to receive it.

Prime Minister Jeong criticized “The IOC has the duty and responsibility to plan, manage, and supervise the peaceful and stable human festival.” He said, “I oppose participation in the Tokyo Olympics in Japan, where the sovereignty and pride of Korea is undermined and our players are not guaranteed the safety and lives of our players.”

Some argued that it should be resolved diplomatically instead of a boycott, taking into account the position of the athlete who won the Olympics after sweating for years.


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