Japan national basketball team loses to China in the first match under the new system, but commander Tom Hovasse believes in Japan’s potential “It’s still a long way to go” –Basketball Count |

“If you can level up a little more, you will definitely have a chance.”

Tom Hovasse, who led the Japan Women’s National Team to the silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics, lost 63-79 against China in his first match as the head coach of the Japan Men’s National Team. When he took the initiative at the start, he was completely defeated because he couldn’t close the point difference enough to panic the opponent.

Hovasse, who had a bittersweet result in his debut match with the men’s national team, said, “I talked a lot after the match, but after all it was a big start.” Listed in.

Due to lack of size, China took 20 offense rebounds, and the half-court offense dominated the bottom of the goal, so it was not possible to bring it to the running development that Japan is aiming for. In addition, the requested 3-point shot was completely silent with only 7 out of 35 successes. At first glance, the contents look like a blockade in all directions, and the commander thinks that it has been well rebuilt after the second quarter.

“When I really look at the stats, it’s a little strange that I ended up losing 16 points. The opponent got a lot of offense rebounds and got a lot of points in the paint. And the probability of my 3-point shot is good. I didn’t. It was a match that felt like a 40-point difference. In that sense, I was able to make various good defenses and there are also positive aspects. “

That’s why Hovasse thinks tomorrow’s revenge is quite possible. “There are a lot of things we can fix. After the first quarter, we were tied. I think we’ll definitely have a chance if we can improve a little more tomorrow.”

Regarding the unexploded 3-point shot, the first quarter, who hit 14 shots, said, “I had a lot of time left and the rhythm was not good when I hit with Markman.” However, he says he was able to hit with their own rhythm for the second quarter and beyond. The chute is water, and he doesn’t consider it a problem, saying, “Today is a day that doesn’t come in, and there are occasional days like this. Tomorrow will come.”

Tom Hovasse

“For the last 10 days, the players have worked hard.”

In the absence of the NBA, today’s match was defeated by Asian ally China. However, Hovasse believes in the players who have survived his rigorous training, as he did for the women’s national team. “For the last 10 days, the players have worked hard. Every day, they put out good energy and concentrated well. So I’m looking forward to it. It’s still going on.”

In China, Jou Chi, who is the key player under the goal, was sent off injured in the third quarter due to a leg injury. It is extremely unlikely that you will play in tomorrow’s game. Before leaving, Qi overwhelmed Japan with 24 points and 12 rebounds including 7 offense rebounds with a playtime of less than 20 minutes. In the absence of the main pillar, it is unacceptable to be suppressed under the goal again as it is today.

Tomorrow, Japan wants to revenge by playing their high-speed basketball that has been refined in the training camp so far. Hovasse believes that it can be done more than anyone else.



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