Japan plans to withdraw some staff from the embassy in Ukraine

Japan is planning to withdraw some of its embassy staff from Ukraine, a foreign ministry official said on the 28th, Kyodo News reported.

The Japanese embassy in Ukraine has about 20 employees, and the Foreign Ministry will leave only those necessary to support Japanese nationals living in Ukraine, the official said.

Families of embassy staff have already begun to leave the country.

“In a crisis situation, there is no need to keep the entire staff there,” the official said.

Amid growing concerns over a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. State Department recently ordered the evacuation of the families of U.S. embassy employees in Ukraine and said that non-essential personnel may voluntarily leave Ukraine.

The UK has also begun withdrawing staff from its embassy in Ukraine.

Previously, the Japanese government had strongly advised its citizens staying in Ukraine to leave the country.

/yunhap news

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