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Japan pushes forward a bill to ban the use of Chinese-made parts in military equipment

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The Japanese government is enacting a law that prohibits the use of Chinese companies’ devices or parts when making military equipment such as missiles in the name of eliminating security threats. Following the notification to government ministries not to use Chinese-made communication devices in 2019, they are also planning to eliminate Chinese-made products from military equipment-related products.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported on the 21st that “The Japanese government is planning to prepare a new bill that will allow the government to review the safety of defense equipment such as missiles and ships even after the government has signed a procurement contract and will submit it to the regular assembly next year.” It aims to be implemented from 2023. The main goal of the new law is to allow the state to identify security risks for parts or equipment used in the manufacturing process of military equipment. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that this is to strengthen the foundation for joint development with the United States and the like while preventing the use of Chinese-made devices that are of concern from a security point of view.

The new bill will contain grounds for allowing the Ministry of Defense officials to investigate whether the parts used or the Internet-connected communication lines and terminals in the workplace are appropriate for companies that have won contracts for supplying military equipment. If a government inspection determines that there is a risk of information leakage or cyber attack, the company can request a process change, and can terminate a procurement contract with a company that refuses to change the process.

Until now, the Japanese government had to report the capital relationship of the companies participating in the bid when procuring defense equipment, as well as the experience and nationality of the person in charge of handling confidential information. However, with the current system limited to capital or human control alone, there is a possibility that confidential information may be leaked, so through the new law, the government is planning to strengthen the direct review after signing a contract with a procurement company. Tokyo = Correspondent Park Hyung-jun [email protected]

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