Japan Race Queen Award 2021 “Grand Prize” also won !!! WedsSport Racing Gals Nana Yasuda –Car information magazine “Best Car”

The “Best Car Race Queen Directory”, which is being serialized in the “Best Car” magazine.

This time, Nana Yasuda, who belongs to “Weds Sport Racing Gals”, will appear! She is a very popular person who has also won the “Grand Prize” of the Japan Race Queen Award 2021. She was born in Tokyo and raised in Tokyo, and she doesn’t actually have a driver’s license. She said she loved cars because of motor sports.

Her 3rd image DVD “Adult Cha”, which is also active as a gravure idol, is now on sale. There is no doubt that your eyes will be nailed to the shocking appearance of Nanana who has both cuteness and sexyness!

* This article is from June 2022.
Sentence / Best Car Editorial Department, Photo / Takanori Yazawa
First appearance: “Best Car” July 10, 2022 issue

[Image gallery]Plump cheeks are the charm point! Check out the sexy and cute “Nacha” in the gallery !! (1)

My boom isSauna !!! Exclusive interview with Nana Yasuda

──Please introduce yourself

Nice to meet you !! I’m Nana Yasuda, a race queen and a gravure idol. She works as Weds Sport Racing Gals in support of TGR TEAM Weds Sport BANDOH.

──What is my boom?

It’s a sauna! When I heard that my skin was clean, I was completely addicted to it.

One piece from a plain clothes cut. There is a photo of the Japan Race Queen Award winning trophy hugging on Twitter’s fixed tweet, which is also cute. I’m excited. Please check it!

──Are there any impressive episodes in your car or drive?

When I entered the TOYOTA booth at the motor show, it was impressive that I rode the old Prius and the new Prius with a professional driver during the training.

──Professional drivers are amazing. Finally, do you have a message for your readers!

Whether you know me for the first time or not, please come and see me in costume at the circuit !! Support through SNS is also welcome. From now on, we look forward to your continual support.

[Image gallery]Plump cheeks are the charm point! Check out the sexy and cute “Nacha” in the gallery !! (1)

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