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Japan, soaring confirmed, likely to declare an emergency on the 7th

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There are reports that the Japanese government is likely to declare a corona 19 emergency.

According to NHK, a Japanese public broadcaster on the 5th local time, the Japanese government is adjusting to declare an emergency to respond to Corona 19.

The announcement of the emergency is expected to take place as early as the 7th.

The ones to be considered are Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa.

This is where about 45% of all confirmed cases in Japan came out.

In particular, the capital, Tokyo, has an average of 919 confirmed cases per day in the last week.

This is about a quarter of the average confirmed cases (3,537) from Japan in the last week.

When an emergency is issued, Japan will face a second emergency.

This emergency is expected to proceed in the direction of minimizing its impact on the economy.

In particular, the Japanese government is considering reducing restaurant business hours, considering that there are many cases of infection spreading at dining venues.

However, there is no policy to close schools at once or restrict various events.

The period is likely to last about a month.

Meanwhile, Japan recorded 3,325 new confirmed cases the day before, and recorded 3,000 cases for 7 consecutive days.

This is the first time since the spread of Corona 19 in Japan.

To date, there have been 249,246 confirmed cases in Japan, and 3,693 have died.

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