Japan spreads unidentified corona mutant virus… Immune evasion properties

It has been found that the corona 19 mutant virus of unknown origin is spreading in Japan.

According to media such as NHK on the 19th, Japan’s National Infectious Disease Research Institute announced that it had identified a mutant virus from the UK and other types of new mutant viruses the day before.

The mutant virus was found in 91 cases in the Kanto area on the 2nd, two in airport quarantine, and three in Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

The virus carries the’E484K’ variant and appears to have been introduced from abroad. However, it is unclear from which country the mutation was introduced. As this mutation has an immune evasion property, there is a concern that some immunity effects obtained from infection experience and vaccination may not be sufficiently effective. It is pointed out that there is a possibility of weakening, but it is unclear how much.

However, a paper was published that the vaccine of Pfizer, an American pharmaceutical company that started vaccination in Japan on the 17th, has little effect on mutant viruses.

(Seoul = News 1)

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