Japan starts spreading coronavirus, a total of 7 people, including the captain who went to the UK, infected

EPA=Yonhap News

The Kyodo News Agency reported on the 26th, citing the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, that there have been additional cases of infection with the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) in Japan.

According to the news agency, two additional infections were a man in his 30s and a woman in his 20s who had stayed in the UK.

The man returned from England on the 16th as a captain of an aircraft. Women in their twenties have no history of staying in the UK, but are classified as close contacts of men in their thirties.

As an additional case on this day, a total of 7 people infected with the variant Corona 19 in Japan. All five of the existing infected were found to have stayed in the UK.

Meanwhile, it is known that the first variant virus found in the UK has a much stronger transmission power than the existing virus. Variants have been reported in the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, and Germany so far. While countries around the world are locking in the UK to prevent the spread, South Korea also temporarily suspended flights from London from the 23rd to the end of this year.

Reporter Eunbin Kim [email protected]


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