Japanese government “reported cancellation of Tokyo Olympics, not true”

He refuted reports that the Japanese government had internally concluded a policy to cancel the Tokyo Olympics, saying it was not true.

According to the Asahi Shimbun of Japan on the 22nd local time, Japanese Minister of Defense Sakai Manabu mentioned the report of the cancellation of the Olympics by the British The Times at a press conference that morning.

He drew a line of reports of the cancellation of the Olympics, saying, “I definitely deny that there is no such thing.”

He added, “Japan is united and preparing for a successful Olympic Games.”

They countered that the Times report was not true.

Earlier, The Times cited an anonymous Japanese Liberal Democratic Party official and reported that the Japanese government reached an internal conclusion with the cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics.

He also said that there is consensus that the Olympics will not be held this year, and that it is aiming to re-attract in 2032.

Minister Sakai repeatedly denied reports of the cancellation of the Olympics.

“The Tokyo Olympics schedule is decided at the IOC general meeting,” he said. “We will decide at what stage it will actually be held.”

They also clearly denied that they are aiming to host the 2032 Olympics.

However, no specific plans were disclosed for hosting the Olympics.

Regarding the Times report, Seiko Hashimoto said, “I didn’t know there was such a report,” and “the government will do its best to host the Olympics this summer.”

Meanwhile, the Tokyo Olympics were scheduled to be held in July of last year, but it was postponed for one year due to the spread of Corona 19.

Currently, negative public opinion about hosting the Olympics is growing in Japan as an emergency has been issued due to the spread of Corona 19.

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