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“Japanese Job Live” Wang Bairong first hit the fly ball out of the ham 1:0 Rhodes-Free Sports

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Second round (Ham 1: 0 Rhodes)

Martin was assassinated in the 2nd round of Guerrilla Rolling the Earth. Laird was struck out by Naoyu Uesawa, Naoyuki Yasuda and Hirota Fujioka made consecutive left-field hits to form one and two bases, Uesawa let Eito Takabe strike out The second base rolls the earth to resolve the crisis.

Wang Bairong played the first place in 2 innings. At 2 good and 3 bad, he aimed at a 146-kilometer outside corner and hit the center and field fly ball out. Nomura Yuki hit a right field hit, and Wan Bo Zhongzheng hit a 1 RBI second base hit in a timely manner to help Ham run first.

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first round

Lord Ogino, the pioneer of the road, took the lead to hit the left field in the first game. The corner win also hit the right field to fly the ball and was caught. Ogino Takashi was restrained and out of the game, Rod proposed a challenge. After rebroadcasting the TV to assist the judgment, the original judgment was maintained, and Shogo Nakamura hit a second base fly ball out of the game.

Haruka Nishikawa, the pioneer of the ham path, knocked out the middle cross hit in 1 round. Yuhito Takahama was hit by a strikeout. Kensuke Kondo hit the guerrilla to roll the earth, forming a double play, and the ham offensive ended.

Pre-match report

[Sports Center/Comprehensive Report]Nippon Ham will face Rodriguez at home today. “Taiwan King” Wang Bairong even served as the starting 4th designated striker in the two games. He will face Rodriguez’s 24-year-old starting pitcher Iwashita Daiki, and Ham’s starting pitcher It was Naoyuki Uesawa.

Wang Bairong played in 37 games this season, with a total of 109 hits and 27 hits, with 5 hits and 21 RBIs, with a strike rate of 0.248. Wang Bairong played against ORIX on the 24th, knocking out 2 long hits in a single game and contributing 2 RBIs.

Rhode’s starting pitcher Akiyama Takumi started 11 games this season, with 5 wins and 4 losses, and a 3.36 defensive rate. Ham’s starting pitcher Naoyuki Sawa has started 12 games this season, with a total of 6 wins and 2 losses, and a defensive rate of only 2.78.

Ham first wire

1 (Left) Haruki Nishikawa
2 (1) Takahama Yuhito
3 (Right) Kensuke Kondo
4 (referring to) Wang Bairong
5 (2) Ryo Watanabe
6 (3) Yuki Nomura
7 (Middle) Wanbo Zhongzheng
8 (Capture) Ryo Ishikawa
9 (Swim) Ishii Issei

Starting pitcher: Naoyuki Uwasawa

Rod first hits the line

1 (Middle) Takashi Ogino
2 (finger) Katsuya Kakunaka
3 (2) Shogo Nakamura
4 (right) Martin
5 (1) Laird
6 (3) Hisanori Yasuda
7 (Travel) Fujioka Yudai
8 (Left) Yingdou Gaobe
9 (Capture) Tomoya Kakinuma

Starting pitcher: Daiki Iwashita

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