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Confluence News Reporter Wang Zuoming/Taipei Report

The epic MMORPG masterpiece “ETERNAL: Eternal Covenant” by the well-known Japanese game maker ASOBIMO was officially launched in Taiwan in April this year. The number of pre-booked events alone exceeded 500,000 times. One can imagine the popularity of the game. The extent and how much players expect. Recently, the agent of Seven Elements Games announced that “ETERNAL: Eternal Covenant” will be revised on 10/27. Not only will there be a new professional debut, but also new dungeons and city battles, and the PC version of the game will be launched, and more computers will be invited Players burn the battle soul together.

According to official disclosures, this new professional “Gunner” will be launched in the redesign. It will play fine professional positioning. The rapid-fire feature will pay various debuffs to the opponent, or use explosives to hinder the opponent’s actions. The sniper feature can be used at long distances. Attack to lure the enemy to approach, and then use pre-set traps to catch the enemy cunningly. The ingenious feature summons tower artillery weapons. While dealing with multiple enemies, you can find the right time and use it flexibly to guide the battle situation to your advantage. You can switch occupations at will. Features, skills will change after switching, and the role positioning will also change.

This revision also optimizes the balance of warrior skills. When warriors use skills, instead of deducting MP, they earn “combat points” through attacks. Combat points are deducted when using skills. It is understood that after this adjustment, the effects of soldiers using skills have been strengthened, FP has been reduced in time, and iron wall skills have been strengthened, making the shield stronger.

In addition, this update also introduces the game content of Siege Sentinel. The operation team said that wanting to participate in a siege is not as simple as imagined. In addition to the corps level of 15 and the number of members of 35, the attacker also needs to conduct an “outpost” to obtain the right to announce before they can sign up for a siege. According to the official website information, the revised outpost siege schedule is from November 5th to 7th for the outpost and November 13th for the siege. Interested players can refer to the game description on the official website.

In conjunction with this revised content, the official launch of a limited-time event Dungeon-Loss. The difficulty of the Rata Labyrinth dungeon, the level must be combined with a tacit understanding of the team, and after continuous trial and cooperation, can there be a way to successfully knock down the boss to complete the challenge, and enter the dungeon with other warriors to explore the treasure!

In order to celebrate Halloween with players, the official organizes a special Halloween carnival event. After logging in during the period and completing exclusive tasks to obtain quest items, they can be exchanged for designated items at the event exchange. The redeemable items include Halloween fashion treasure chests, dawn series weapons, Equipped with treasure chests and strengthening stones. . . Wait for everything. At the same time, the store also simultaneously sells Halloween pet treasure chests, allowing players to immediately have cute Halloween pets.

In order to attract more players to join the passionate game of “ETERNAL: Eternal Covenant”, the PC version of the game is also successfully launched during this revision, and the game data on the mobile phone can be ported to the PC version for play. Players can play on the computer at home, play on the mobile phone outside, and play on both ends, without losing the game record, but also enjoy the high-quality game quality.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the above-mentioned revised content, “ETERNAL: Eternal Covenant” itself has very exquisite game features, such as the weather system, different weather will affect the map monster ecology, and some rare elite wild BOSS will even correspond. The weather on the map appears. In addition, different from the general game character modeling system, in addition to gender, skin color, face shape, hairstyle, hair color, there are also some unique Japanese styles, such as fairy ears, cat ears, beast eyes, magic eyes, heterochromatic pupils, etc. It can be said that the game is full of small ideas. If you are interested, players can download this game on dual platforms and PC channels recently and embark on a journey to the mainland of Logusia.

Photo source: ETERNAL official website

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