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Nowadays, many people choose to work at home every day or from time to time. Some people will use ordinary stools when sitting in front of the computer. How to choose a computer chair that really makes you work comfortably is a matter of knowledge. This time I will teach you some points to consider.

Gaming chairs aren’t designed for work

People who know how to buy will not choose an e-sports chair as an office chair for long-term work, because the so-called e-sports chair is basically a racing seat. The non-slip material is selected, which completely violates the physical needs of the human body when working, making it difficult for you to move, and even sweating because of the discomfort, so remember not to make this mistake again.

How to be a good computer chair

We work in front of the computer. Because we need to touch the keyboard or mouse, we usually sit upright or even slightly lean forward, and we often take documents or stationery on both sides of the computer. Therefore, a good computer chair must have enough support. Use your strength to support your sitting position at work, and don’t overly wrap your body to hinder your movement. In addition, the material must be ventilated and breathable, so that heat or sweat can be quickly expelled under long-term work.

Therefore, the first condition for our purchase is not to see how well it “covers” the body, but whether the lumbar support is sufficient, and whether the adjustment options allow users to adjust to suit their body needs. Based on the above conditions, today Xiaobian introduces this series of specially designed Japanese-made ergonomic chairs to see if they suit your eyes.

Okamura Contessa II Full Support Ergonomic Chair

Many people think that as long as the seat is large enough, it is comfortable. In fact, the most important thing about a seat is that the design is good enough, and different sitting positions can support the parts of the body that are prone to fatigue. The design of Okamura Contessa Seconda (II) is suitable for general small offices or narrow homes in Hong Kong. It not only has multiple functions and provides ideal support for the body, but also the seat made in Japan is very strong and durable. No maintenance required for ten years.

The back of the Okamura Contessa II is made from a stretchy, durable and strong yarn, combined with a soft-touch mesh (leather is also available), which is breathable for added comfort. In addition, different from ordinary office chairs, it is equipped with a button under the handle to adjust the inclination angle of the chair back, and the ideal angle can be adjusted with one click, without the need to move left and right under the stool.

▲There are adjustment buttons on the left and right of the smart armrest, which are used to adjust the tilt angle of the backrest and the height of the seat, which is more convenient to operate.

In addition, the user can adjust the inclination tension of the chair back. When the tension is large, the user can even relax and slowly lie back until the ideal angle of the chair back is found.

▲Users can adjust the tension of the seat back tilt

Users can choose a fixed large headrest, or a small headrest with adjustable angle. The large headrest allows the user to have a larger area to support the head when resting on the chair, while the small headrest can be adjusted in angle to suit different needs.

Okamura Contessa II uses an exclusive research and development technology to create a multi-hardness seat cushion with three different softness materials: a soft material in the front that relieves the pressure on the thighs, and a softer rubber in the rear that is designed to support the weight of the buttocks and has a higher hardness. In addition, the seat can be adjusted back and forth, which is also suitable for different sitting positions of users.

Another special design focus of Okamura Contessa II is its “4D armrest”, which can be adjusted in height (with a range of 100mm), the angle of the armrest inward or outward (15 degrees inward, 7.5 degrees outward), and the armrest can be adjusted Front and rear and armrests are wide and narrow. For example, if you need to type in the office, the hand support is not necessarily on the desktop, but the height of the armrest can be adjusted, and then the width can be adjusted to support the elbow on the seat, which is more comfortable; and when you rest back, the armrest can be adjusted. Widen a little and lower a little to match your resting position.

Okamura Sylphy Ergonomic Chair with Forward Leaning Support

When typing or doing homework for a long time, the body will lean forward. At this time, no matter how beautiful the back of the chair is, it is useless.and Okamura Sylphy There is a reclining seat back, plus an adjustable curved back frame, a multi-firm seat cushion and 3D The armrest design makes users more comfortable when they are concentrating on work.

Users can choose a mesh back or a padded back. The back frame has a camber adjustment function and can be tilted forward (up to 10 degrees), so that the back is better supported, and it is not easy to get tired after working for a long time. Of course, it can also be tilted back up to 23 degrees to let you rest back.

▲The rear of the headrest can also be added with a rucksack accessory

Okamura Sylphy The arc of the back frame can be adjusted. When the arc is adjusted to a finer arc, it can more closely cover the user’s hips and waist, providing better support, especially suitable for ladies with smaller statures.

Okamura Sylphy The multi-hardness seat cushion is also made of three different softness materials. The soft part at the front will not affect the blood circulation of the legs, and the harder part at the back is suitable for supporting the buttocks and body weight. The seat can also be adjusted back and forth, suitable for users of different heights.

The back of the seat is made of mesh material for ventilation. At the same time, it can also be equipped with a lumbar support component that supports the spine, which can replace the commonly used lumbar pad without sacrificing seating space, and the backrest can be adjusted in height to achieve a more effective spine support effect.

The 3D armrest design can adjust the height (maximum up and down 100mm), front and rear (range of 50mm) and angle (inward or outward 20 degrees), suitable for different work situations, so that the hand can be more comfortable to support.

Okamura Cynara full network exquisite multifunctional office chair

If the home is not suitable for placing large seats, or the conference room needs to be equipped with a large number of seats, the design is simple and light. Okamura Cynara It allows users to have the most comfortable riding experience on the thinner seats.

Cynara’s minimalist design is perfect for a minimalist office or home. Even though it is very similar to a “meeting stool”, it has a seat back angle adjustment function, and a small adjustment lever can control the seat back to tilt up to 12 degrees from upright to backward. In addition, the seat back and seat part are made of mesh with excellent ventilation, which can easily support the user’s body. Its hollow wheel and various color options make it a stylish choice.

Summary: Ergonomic office chairs make a big difference in comfort

The chairs in the editor’s office are not particularly particular, but this time I have personally experienced that these types of seats seem to be similar in design, but have different functions, and the angle and width of each part can be adjusted, such as chair backs, headrests, and seat cushions. Even the handle, etc., can be adjusted to the most suitable body shape and sitting posture, and the effect is even better than that of a large seat or gaming chair. When buying home computer chairs and office chairs, you can consider this type of ergonomic chair.

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