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Japanese media “The LDP’s single majority in the general election ‘closely’… Half of the constituencies are close”

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FNN “The Liberal Democratic Party is the first major hurdle it faces after three sweeping general elections”

Tokyo voters watch the general election campaign

(Tokyo AFP/Jiji News = Yonhap News) Voters clap their hands as they watch candidates march on the street in Tokyo, the capital of Japan on the 19th, the first day of the official election campaign for the Japanese House of Representatives election (general election). [email protected]

(Tokyo = Yonhap News) Correspondent Kim Ho-jun = In the general election of the House of Representatives in Japan on the 31st, a media report came out that the ruling Liberal Democratic Party was in a desperate situation to maintain a single majority.

The Fuji News Network (FNN), a private broadcaster affiliated with the Sankei Shimbun, reported on the 25th that, as a result of analyzing the general election situation through opinion polls and coverage, it is certain that the number of seats in the LDP will decrease, and whether or not to maintain a single majority is judged to be a “subtle situation”. .

FNN diagnosed that “it can be said that it is a major turning point for the first time for the LDP, which has repeatedly won landslides in the recent general election.”

The LDP won a single majority in all three recent general elections, including the 2012 general election when it regained power from the former Democratic Party.

However, in this general election, unlike the previous three general elections, the number of constituencies in which the opposition candidates face each other has increased significantly as the opposition party, which is the main opposition party, has unified the candidates.

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As a result of analyzing the general election situation based on opinion polls, coverage, and past votes, Jiji News found that 136 (47%) of the total 289 constituencies were engaged.

In 71 places, more than half of the battlegrounds, the LDP showed a slight advantage, but there is still about a week left until the vote, so there is a lot of uncertainty.

The total number of seats in the House of Representatives in Japan was 465 including proportional representation (176 seats), and the LDP held 276 seats (59.4%).

If the LDP loses 44 or more seats in this general election, it will lose its sole majority (233 seats or more).

The fact that the LDP lost one out of two seats in the two by-elections for the House of Representatives (Senate) the day before, which was evaluated as a ‘before the general election’, is also considered a danger signal.

In Shizuoka, where the ruling party was originally expected to win, the sense of crisis grew when it was defeated by the opposition candidate.

Moreover, the loss of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who visited Shizuoka twice and campaigned for support, is painful for the LDP.

Prime Minister Kishida said that the result of the Shizuoka by-election was “a disappointing result” and “I will solemnly accept the judgment of the people of the prefecture.”

On the other hand, Yukio Edano, head of the Constitutional Democratic Party, said, “It has shown that the people’s distrust and dissatisfaction with the government are very great.”

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