Japanese professional playoffs” Yanagida Yuki’s birthday beats the sky and crackles Softbank sweeps Seibu to advance to the final of Free Sports

Yanagida Yuki scored two consecutive hits in the first round of the Climax Series, and SoftBank swept Seibu to advance to the quarterfinals. (taken from Sankei Sports)

[Canolfan Chwaraeon / Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]In the second round of the first round of the Yanglian Climax Series with 3 wins and 2 wins, SoftBank’s heavy artillery, Yanagida Yuki, fired in two consecutive games, and hit a cannon slam in 3 rounds to lay the foundation for victory On his birthday in 34 years old Helpu beat Softbank Seibu 7:1 and advanced to the final round of the Climax series with 2 consecutive wins.

Seibu lost the first round of Yanglian Climax Series yesterday and lost 3:5. Today, he faces a last ditch battle. Today, Tatsuya Imai launched to take the lead, and Softbank launched Tohama’s massive challenge. Taiwanese outfielder Wu Nianting, who played for Seibu, did not start this campaign.

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Imai Tatsuya also had an uproar in 3 innings, threw 2 four balls and 1 touchdown ball, which made Softbank form a full base after 2 people. At this time, Yanagida played Yuki, who hit 3 points yesterday. hit a 136-kilometer slider, lived up to expectations and hit the right-field slam, helping SoftBank take a 4-point lead. It is worth noting that if the regular season is added, Yanagida has already started 4 games in a row, and Yanagida has scored 7 RBI in 2 games. In his career, he accumulated a total of 27 RBI in the series high, surpassing the legendary player Hetian Yihao and high in history.

Softbank Jia Fei Takuya hit a timely hit in 4 innings and added 1 point. Seibu didn’t break the egg until the 5th inning. Genda Soryo and Kaneko Yuji hit a triple to center field and a double to right field respectively, helping the team catch up to 1 : 5 behind. Dong Bang Ju pitched 5 innings today and was struck out 4 and 1, with 3 strikeouts and 1 walk.

In 7 innings, SoftBank relied on Mimori Daiki’s center field hit and Makina Daisei’s triple, adding 2 points, Jia Fei Tuo also added 1 RBI in 8 innings, and SoftBank took an 8:1 lead.

Seibu launched a counterattack in 9 innings, Yamakawa Hakao hit the right field Yangchun Cannon, but it was still difficult to reverse the decline. Softbank won 8:2 at the end, and Seibu swept the series with 2 consecutive wins to advance , and the final round of the highlight series will be against Shangyang.Champion of the Orix League.

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