“Japanese Suga approval rating 33%…lowest drop in complaints against Corona 19”-Asahi

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s approval rating has been falling. © AFP=News1 material photo

Asahi Shimbun reported on the 16th that the approval rating of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga plummeted to 33%, the lowest since its inauguration in September last year.

Reportedly, Asahi’s telephone poll conducted for two days on the 15th to 16th of the nation’s voters showed that the Suga Cabinet approval rate fell sharply from the previous month, which was 40%.

By age, the approval rate declined prominently among the elderly. For those in their 60s, the approval rate fell from 39% to 25% compared to the previous month, and for those over 70, the approval rate fell from 38% to 30%.

It is analyzed that complaints related to the response to the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) have contributed to the decline in approval ratings. The positive evaluation response to the government’s response to Corona 19 remained at 23%, while the negative evaluation response was overwhelming at 67%.

Regarding the delay in vaccination, 66% of respondents said that the government is responsible, far more than that of the government (28%). 73% of those over 70 years of age and 80% of those in their 60s who started vaccination rebuked the government for responsibility.

It seems that the confidence of Prime Minister Suga has declined sharply due to complaints about the response to Corona 19. In questions related to the government’s confidence in responding to Corona 19, 61% of respondents overwhelmed the positive response (27%), and 41% of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party’s supporters said that they could not trust the government.

The approval rating of the Suga cabinet fell to 33% once in January this year when the second emergency was issued. Regarding the third emergency issued in Tokyo and Osaka recently, only 41% of respondents thought it would be effective in preventing the spread of infection. In particular, 64% of Tokyo residents were found to be distrustful of the effects of the emergency.

There is also growing anxiety about the holding of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games, which are coming two months away. Prime Minister Suga has repeatedly stated that “we can make it a safe and secure competition by protecting the lives and health of the people,” but 73% of the survey respondents answered that they could not agree with Prime Minister Suga’s remarks.

The party approval rating of the Liberal Democratic Party also fell further to 30% this month from 35% last month, recording the lowest level since the inauguration of the Suga cabinet.

This survey was conducted in the’Random Dialing’ (RDD) method, in which a computer generates a phone number randomly and makes a call using a landline or mobile phone. Asahi reported that it received a total of 1527 responses, including 919 (45%) of 2056 phone users.


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