Japanese version of “The Beginning” Hashimoto Kannai’s horror movie “Finding the Body” Japanese-drama trailer-cnBeta.COM

According to Sina Daily Entertainment, Hashimoto Kanna starred in the movie “Finding the Body”, and the official trailer was released, and the theme song was “Xing Fang Zhi れず” composed by Shiina Ringo and sung by Ado. The story takes place in high school on July 5, Morisaki Asuka met a little girl who said “help me find a body” on campus. At midnight, Asuka came back to her senses and found herself and five other schoolmates estranged, killed by the “red man” who suddenly appeared, and she opened her eyes to find to himself back on the morning of July 5th.


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If you can’t find the little girl’s “body”, the circle on July 5 will not end… Maeda Goatoshi, Yamamoto Maika, Kamuo Kaede, Daigo Tiger Tairo, Yokota Mayu, Hiragamoto Yu, together -starring etc., the film will be released on October 14th.

Teaser video:

Video screen:

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