Japan’s Kishida: “North Korea launches possible ballistic missiles… very sorry”

North Korea test-fired a hypersonic missile on the 5th, the Korean Central News Agency reported on the 6th. Earlier, on September 28 last year, North Korea announced that it had conducted the first test launch of a newly developed hypersonic missile, the Hwasong-8. The photo shows the hypersonic missile launched the previous day (left) and the Hwasong-8 (right) launched last year, with a slightly different warhead shape. Pyongyang = Korean Central News Agency Yonhap News

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on the morning of the 11th that North Korea had launched a possible ballistic missile and was “very sorry”.

According to NHK, Prime Minister Kishida met with reporters at his official residence around 9 am on the same day and said, “North Korea recently launched a ballistic missile, and the UN Security Council is discussing countermeasures. It is very regrettable that North Korea launches missiles one after another at such a time,” he said.

Prime Minister Kishida said, “We will do our best to collect and analyze information and provide prompt and accurate information to the public; “I ordered three things,” he said. “The government is conducting vigilance monitoring more than ever, but we are analyzing specific details,” he said.

Earlier, the Japan Coast Guard announced at 7:29 a.m. and the Ministry of Defense at 7:35 a.m. that “a possible ballistic missile was launched from North Korea.” The Ministry of Defense holds an executive meeting to collect information and analyze the current situation.

Regarding the reason for North Korea’s successive missile launches from the beginning of this year, NHK said, “It seems to be an intention to emphasize internally and externally its will to promote nuclear and missile development.” It is possible that the United States and Japan protested against such movements as criticizing North Korea.”

Previously, North Korea fired four missiles between September and October of last year. In September, it claimed that it succeeded in launching a newly developed long-range cruise missile and also tested the launch of a hypersonic missile Hwasong-8. In October, it launched a new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM). On the 5th of this year, it said that it had conducted a second test of a hypersonic missile.

Tokyo = Jinju Choi correspondent



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