Japan’s successive Omicron confirmed… The first confirmed case passed through Incheon International Airport


In Japan, a new mutation of COVID-19, Omicron, has been confirmed one after another.

Japan, which has entered the emergency system, is further tightening entry regulations.

Moreover, as the first confirmed case of Omicron in Japan was found to have passed through Incheon International Airport, our health authorities also launched an investigation.

Correspondent Lee Se-won from Tokyo.


Another Omicron infection has been reported in Japan.

Local media, such as NHK Broadcasting in Japan, reported that the second person infected with Omicron was confirmed in Japan, citing a Japanese government official.

The infected person was identified as a foreign male who arrived from Peru at the end of last month.

The Japanese government is expected to further strengthen entry restrictions with the pretext of quarantine as another case of Omicron confirmed this time.

With the already first confirmed case of Omicron, from the 2nd, 10 African countries, including Namibia, have decided to ban the re-entry of foreigners in principle.

In Japan, the first confirmed case of Omicron was among the arrivals at Narita Airport on the 28th of last month.

<마쓰노 히로카즈/ 일본 관방장관>(November 30) “The result of the test at the airport quarantine place turned out to be positive, so we quickly moved to a designated facility and analyzed the genome to determine whether or not he was infected with Omicron. As a result, it was confirmed today that he was infected with Omicron.>

However, it was confirmed that the first confirmed person had stopped at Incheon International Airport before coming to Japan, and our health authorities are also on alert.

This Namibian diplomat boarded a plane from Ethiopia on the 27th of last month and arrived at Narita International Airport in Japan via Incheon International Airport the next day.

Although the specific movement within Incheon Airport has not been identified, it is estimated that the diplomat got off the plane and stayed at the airport facility for about an hour.

An official from our health authorities said, “I understand that an exposure risk assessment, including the length of stay, etc., is in progress.”

This is Yonhap News Agency’s Lee Se-won from Tokyo.

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