Japan’s ‘tourism lock’ has been completely lifted … Request to expand air routes

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The Japanese government has announced that it will remove all restrictions on the entry of foreign tourists from the 11th of next month.

It is now possible to travel to Japan in person without a visa, but it has been 2 years and 6 months since entry was restricted due to the spread of Corona 19.

Reporter Hyun Young-jun from Tokyo presents.

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This afternoon, it’s Odaiba, a tourist destination that straddles the outskirts of Tokyo.

It is a tourist attraction in Tokyo and a representative tourist attraction popular with foreigners.

However, compared to the previous Corona 19, the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has dropped to 5%.

Japan was geographically close to Korea, has many historical tourist destinations, and developed a natural environment and food culture, which made it a country visited by many Koreans.

The travel route to Japan, which was completely blocked due to Corona, but gradually lifted from this year onwards, was completely closed after two and a half years.

[기시다 후미오 일본 총리/뉴욕]

“From October 11, Japan will ease border controls (like the US) and resume visa-free travel and private travel.”

In Japan, foreign tourists were welcomed to stimulate the sluggish economy, and tourists were also less demanding with lower prices than before due to the weak yen.

[다프니 크리스토/멕시코]

“I think Japan has done a good job in regulating the corona virus, and now (tourism) is about to resume, so I think it’s a very appropriate time.”

The expectations for this train, already anticipated, have already been reflected, and the booking rate for other countries increased by 173%, while Japan increased by more than 700%.

[조일상/하나투어 홍보팀장]

“We see that there will be many more reservations in the future than we have done so far, and we expect that it will be an opportunity for travel abroad to become more normal, starting with Japan.”

Local governments in Japan have also requested the expansion of air routes to increase the number of tourists visiting Korea.

In 2017 and 2018, before the No-Japan Movement due to the worsening of relations between the two countries, the number of Korean tourists to Japan averaged more than 7 million per year.

This is Young-Jun Hyun from MBC News from Tokyo.

Video commentary: Kim Jin-ho / Video editing: Park Cheon-gyu

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