“”Japan’s ‘World Cup Goddess’ Appears” “Wolkle Beauty Is On The Rise”… Korean Followers Surge, Who?” – Herald Business

Japan’s Shono poses in front of a broadcast camera before Japan’s match against Germany in Qatar World Cup Group E on the 23rd.[KBS]

[헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]SHONO, the female drummer of the Japanese band ‘PARADOXX’ is hailed as the ‘Goddess of the World Cup’ in her country.

According to Japanese football magazine Gekisaka, etc., Shono, who was filmed on camera before Japan’s match against Germany during the Qatar 2022 World Cup on the 23rd, is attracting attention from Japanese online communities.

Gekisaka said, “The number of followers is increasing after Shono was introduced to the world after appearing in a World Cup match in Qatar.” In fact, Paradox’s official Twitter announced after Shono’s photo spread, “It is difficult to access the official website due to intensive access.”

Some domestic online communities also shared the woman’s photos and paid attention. Shono also said on Twitter, “I’m also on Korean terrestrial TV and many Koreans follow me,” and also said, “Thank you.”

Shono. [쇼노 인스타그램]

Shono said he became a football fan after following him to the football field from a young age under the influence of his father. In 2013, he won the second prize in an audition held by Sony Entertainment. Besides the band, he is also active as an actor and model.

Shono’s Instagram followers, which were around 20,000 until the 23rd, surpassed 80,000 on the 27th. Japanese netizens showed reactions such as “Japan’s pride”, “FIFA’s official beauty” and “first class” through online communities and SNS.

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