“Jaturong” reveals the latest photo of “Nong Phi Mokjok” for a pre-wedding photo shoot, telling her to do makeup next month.

Latest (25 January 2022) Jaturong Mokjok posted a picture Nong Phi Mokjok famous former child comedian who is now a young adult wear the groom’s attire Take a photo with a girl in a wedding dress with the message that

“Pre-wedding photo..finished The wedding is probably next month. When will I inform Nong Phi’s FC again? We, the management and all staff of #Lung Rong Kitchen would like to congratulate the newlyweds on this occasion. Thank you for the place #JR Green”

When observing the bride and groom’s face, it can be seen that the powder has been painted until white. So many people asked if this was true or just a joke before there was an answer. When Little Little before afternoon asked, “Is it true or a hoax, ha ha?” Chaturong Mokjok replied, “You still ask.” I said “I want to know” “Uncle Rong” so said “Kaeng Man”



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