Jay Pin has fallen! Check out the latest movement in the story. This story is… unchanged

Keep an eye on J Jetrin-Pin Kekmanee Unfollow IG with the latest move in IG Story. There are clips shared by children There is still a family. Love your children like before.

Jay Pin

Photo from kejmanee’s Instagram

It’s called being constantly watched. for the relationship Jay Jetrin and Pin Kekmanee, after being linked as a couple in the 90s, the bed was broken and the divorce papers were signed, but recently I saw the moment Jay kept commenting on Pin’s IG until many people thought that maybe would be this couple or not. before it becomes a problem again Because it appears that Pin has returned to using his maiden name. So it seems to reinforce the rumors again.

Read the news: How! Pin Kekmanee reverted to her maiden name. Reinforce rumors of divorce from husband??

Most recently (March 31, 2023), the famous page Jay Moy 108 has posted that “Dad, mom, they’ve unfollowed their IG. Last week, they were still looking for each other. Pin Ketmanee or not, and looking at J-Pin’s IG, it was found that they were not actually following each other

Jay Pin

while in both IG Srory, clips from their children’s IG are also shared, which confirms that even if something has changed no longer falls but a parent The love they both have for their children remains the same, unchanged.

Jay Pin

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