Jayaraj about Kaithapram Viswanathan: Dear Music Magician; Jayaraj on the death of Kaithapram Viswanathan

Kochi, First Published Dec 29, 2021, 7:57 PM IST

Director Jayaraj condoles the death of music director Kaithapram Viswanathan. Jayaraj said that each of his songs was wonderful. Kaithapram Viswanathan became an independent music director with Jayaraj’s Kannaki.

‘Farewell to my favorite music wizard! Sports, migration, eye contact, in the name of God, glitter. Every song is amazing !! ‘, Jayaraj said.

Kaithapram Viswanathan’s demise this evening. He was 58 years old. He had been undergoing treatment for cancer for more than a year. He died at the Kozhikode MVR Cancer Center.

Karineelakannazhaki has composed music for many hit songs such as “Kayyethum Doore Oru Kuttikkalam”, “Neeyoru Puzhayaay”, “Enikoru Pennundu”, “Saare Saare Sambare” and “Adeti Adateti Alilakkiliye”. Viswanathan has composed music for 23 films including Thattakam, Kannaki, Thilakkam, Annorikkal, In the Name of God and Ekantham. He received the State Government Award for Background Music for the film Kannaki in 2001. Most of the songs composed by him were composed by his brother Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri.

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