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കാWater is Jayasurya’s amazing transcendence from VP Sathyan, who lived with the rhythm of football, to Murali, who was immersed. Prajesh Sen and Jayasurya team up again after winning the state award for best actor for Jayasurya ‘Vella’ is a film made from real life inspiration. But the film speaks to the audience from a completely different life background from the first. He became the director to portray the character in the title of the film. ‘Water’ is an acronym for Excessive Alcoholics in North Kerala.

In this title, the director portrays Murali, the protagonist of the film. Murali, the protagonist, is a commoner in the countryside, an alcoholic who shows many mannerisms while intoxicated. It can be said that Jayasurya is the first full-fledged character in his career. We have seen various types of alcoholics in Malayalam cinema. Mohanlal’s Sagar Kottapuram in ‘He’s Writing a Story’, Prithviraj’s character in a skirt, Pamp Joy and Raghunandan in Spirit are prominent in it. What sets Murali apart from all that is the inner core of Jayasurya’s acting. Jayasurya beautifully captures the isolation and life crises faced by the character on the screen.

When the director asked the countryman to become an alcoholic, Jayasurya recounted to him all the trappings of a lonely countryman. Only Jayasurya can do some of the scenes that come and go in the movie. Sean lying on the floor in the second half licking the spirit was something that some other actors would say no to. But Jayasurya proves once again that she is ready to go to great lengths for the character. The actor is ready to do accurate studies for a character that does not look like anything he has ever acted in. Samyuktha Menon plays the lead role of Sunitha in the film. Sunita is the best character of the joint after the train. Samyukta marks the character of Murali’s wife with her performance. The film also stars Siddique, Babu Annoor, Sreelakshmi, Sneha Paliyeri, Baiju Santosh, Nirmal Palazhi, Indrans and Unniraj.

Jayasurya has proven his mettle in portraying real life characters many times before. The Captain and I, Marykutty, who came last year, were examples of that. Jayasurya finds its successful sequel in Murali. The actor proves once again why he is the director’s actor. Jayasurya’s upcoming films like Rama Sethu, Sathyan and Kathanar are in the pipeline.

Jayasurya’s Sufi and Sujatha was the first Malayalam film to be released on OTT when the film industry came to a standstill due to the Kovid crisis. Even after a long hiatus in the theaters after the Kovid crisis, Jayasurya was able to bring her own Malayalam film to the screen for the first time. Jayasuriya’s intervention in empowering Malayalam cinema in times of crisis is commendable.

Director Prajesh Sen has made Vellam a film that can be enjoyed by all types of audiences including family. Prajesh Sen is also emerging as a credible brand when it comes to second films. Bijipal has composed the music for the film. Robbie Varghese Raj’s camera captures the beauty of North Kerala beautifully. The film is produced by Jose Kutty Mathil, Yadu Krishna and Ranjith Manamprakattu under the banner of Friendly Productions. Audiences can bravely buy tickets to see the first Malayalam movie to hit theaters after 318 days. It’s sure to give a sense of identity to every spectator who sees the water.

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