Jayasurya | Jayasurya won Best Actor at the Dhaka International Film Festival

Jayasurya was selected as the Best Actor in the Asian Competition at the Dhaka International Film Festival. Jayasurya won the award for her performance in ‘Sunny’ directed by Ranjith Shankar. Film festival officials informed director Ranjith Shankar about this, but Ranjith Shankar and Jayasurya could not attend the function due to the spread of Kovid.

‘Pebbles’ is an Oscar nominated Tamil film from India that won an award at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Apart from ‘Sunny’, ‘The Portraits’ directed by Dr. Biju, ‘Andal’ directed by Sharif Eesa, ‘Nayat’ directed by Martin Prakat and ‘Directed by Siddharth Siva’ were selected from the Malayalam category in the fiction category.

In the non-fiction category, only ‘Mann’ from Malayalam qualified for the show. About 220 films from 70 countries were selected in various categories. ‘Sunny’ is Jayasurya’s 100th film.

Madhu Neelakanthan is the cinematographer of Sunny, a film produced by Ranjith Shankar and Jayasurya under the banner of Dreams and Beyond. Shankar Sharma composes music with lyrics by Sandra Madhav. Editor- Sameer Mohammad. Production Controller – Sajeev Chandirur, Art – Suraj Kuruvilangad, Makeup – RV Kiran Raj, Costume Designer – Saritha Jayasurya, Stills – Nivin Murali, Advertising – Anthony Stephen, Sound – Sinoy Joseph, Associate Director – Anoop Mohan, Associate Cameraman – Binu, Finance Controller – Vijeesh Ravi, Production Manager – Libin Varghese. O. -A.S. Dinesh.

Summary: Jayasurya becomes wins the award for best actor in the Dhaka International Film Festival under Asian Competition category

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