JC Hyun, launched the UDEA CONNECT monitoring arm brand

JC Hyun System Co, Ltd (CEO: Cha Joong-seok), a company specializing in displays, announced the launch of a new monitoring arm brand, ‘UDEA CONNECT’. With the launch of the Yudia Connect monitor arm, more efficient monitor usage and user convenience will be enhanced.


The Yudia Connect single/dual monitor arm product replaces the stand-type monitor stand that takes up the existing desk space, enabling efficient use of space and using the cable holder to organize the user’s desk more neatly. This new product can be used with a 17-inch to 32-inch monitor attached, and can support a minimum of 2kg to a maximum of 10kg.

If the angle can be adjusted freely, the pose correction is over.

Yudia Connect monitor arm products can be freely adjusted according to the usage environment, such as height adjustment, left and right angle adjustment, tilt adjustment, front/back distance adjustment, screen rotation, etc.

UDEA CONNECT Commemorative Monitor Arm Release! Special offer!

At the special launch event held through the official online shopping center of JC Hyun System Co., Ltd. event, Yudia A special event will be held to give a free dual arm with the purchase of two monitors.

UDEA, the best monitor for work, video and gaming?

The Yudia monitor consists of two series: LOOK optimized for work as eye protection, and EDGE for home entertainment such as video and game. With a diverse program from the point of view of users who use PC monitors, it offers reasonable prices and the best performance.

Exclusive to Yudia! Provide a free visiting service

Yudia provides free on-site after-sales service to all customers who purchase monitors. This is Yudia’s unique strength, which is confident in quality. It is a service where a professional technician (professional) visits the customer directly to check and replace the product immediately after scanning the QR code which is attached to the back of the monitor. An official said, ‘Every customer who uses a Yudia monitor will be able to have a convenient and special service experience through Yudia Care.’

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