Newsletter and Major Dental Specialists Join Forces to Tackle High Caries Rate Among 5 Year Olds

According to recent statistics, the caries rate among 5-year-olds is alarmingly high, surpassing 70%. To combat this issue, and five major dental specialists collaborated to raise awareness about the significance of fluoride in preventing tooth decay. In an effort to spread this message, they organized a live broadcast and distributed 150,000 pieces of toothpaste. Each cubic millimeter of tartar is said to contain approximately 200 million bacteria, highlighting the necessity of daily brushing. It is recommended for children to start using fluoride toothpaste at an early age as it is a globally recognized anti-caries ingredient and does not cause dental fluorosis. For adults, it is advised to use at least one centimeter of toothpaste during each brushing session. Additionally, it is recommended to bend the tip of the toothbrush bristles by a third to achieve optimal brushing strength.

In celebration of National Teeth Day on September 20, JD Supermarket teamed up with the China Institute of Dental Disease Prevention and Treatment, as well as top oral care brands such as Shuke, Lengsuanling, ELMEX, and Sensodyne, to host a special session on oral health care. The live broadcast attracted 50,000 viewers, with a significant number of users stocking up on dental care products for their families. Throughout the event, a total of 150,000 pieces of high-quality toothpaste were given away. Dental specialists, including Xu Tongkai from Peking University, Xie Xiaofang from Shuke, Dong Haide from Lengsuanling, Dong Honglie from ELMEX, and Zhang Yongxia from Sensodyne, provided valuable information on children’s dental care, brushing techniques, and toothpaste ingredients. By popularizing comprehensive scientific knowledge, consumers were able to gain authoritative insights into dental care while also taking advantage of the opportunity to acquire high-quality toothpaste for a minimal price of 1 yuan.

Xu Tongkai, a dental medicine expert from Peking University, emphasized that each cubic millimeter of tartar contains a staggering 2 billion bacteria, reinforcing the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. He recommended the use of a soft-bristled toothbrush and advised against using toothbrushes marketed as “super soft” except in cases of oral wounds such as ulcers. Dr. Tongkai also highlighted the need to be cautious when selecting toothpaste, encouraging consumers to ignore exaggerated claims made by certain products. He addressed concerns about the color block found at the bottom of toothpaste tubes, clarifying that it has no bearing on the toothpaste’s ingredients or effectiveness.

Experts from the four major dental care brands provided valuable insights during the live broadcast. Dr. Dong Honglie from ELMEX discussed the benefits of fluoride in preventing tooth decay, highlighting its ability to form a protective layer on teeth and resist acid erosion caused by bacteria. Xie Xiaofang from Shuke shared a comprehensive teeth whitening solution using active biological enzyme technology, which targets stains and restores the whiteness of teeth effectively. Lengsuanling, a specialist brand in anti-sensitivity toothpaste, highlighted the root cause of dental problems, emphasizing the need to protect tooth enamel. Lastly, Zhang Yongxia from Sensodyne emphasized the importance of enamel health and recommended toothpaste with enamel remodeling factors to promote the absorption of fluoride and calcium, ultimately improving dental conditions.

JD Supermarket is recognized for its professional buyer team and commitment to selecting high-quality oral health products from various online and offline supermarkets. Its competitive pricing and emphasis on quality make it the preferred channel for consumers seeking oral health products. However, it is crucial to note that the content, data, and tools provided in this article are for informational purposes only and do not constitute investment advice. It is important to exercise caution and diligence when making financial decisions, as the stock market carries inherent risks.

The caries rate among 5 year olds is more than 70%. and five major dental specialists held a live broadcast to popularize the science that fluoride can form a protective layer to prevent decay and gave away 150,000 pieces of toothpaste.

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Each cubic millimeter of tartar contains around 200 million bacteria, so brushing your teeth every day is very necessary. For children, fluoride toothpaste can be used from an early age Fluoride is a globally recognized anti-caries ingredient, and the amount of fluoride in toothpaste is not enough to cause dental fluorosis. For adults, use at least one centimeter of toothpaste each time you brush. In terms of brushing strength, it is recommended to bend the tip of the toothbrush bristles by a third.

September 20 is National Teeth Day. JD Supermarket teamed up with the China Institute of Dental Disease Prevention and Treatment, as well as the four main brands Shuke, Lengsuanling, ELMEX and Sensodyne and the five main oral care specialists to launch a special session on the oral health care plan of 18: 00 to 20:00, attracting 50,000 super users watched, almost half of which were users stocking up for their families, and a total of 150,000 pieces of high-quality toothpaste were distributed throughout the show.

Xu Tongkai, a doctor of dental medicine from Peking University, Xie Xiaofang, a Shuke research and development specialist, Dong Haide, a doctor from Lengsuanling Research and Development Department, Dong Honglie, a doctor from ELMEX, and Zhang Yongxia, a professional channel promotion specialist for Sensodyne oral care teeth, bringing children’s dental care, brushing methods, and toothpaste to consumers. The popularization of comprehensive science on ingredients and other aspects allows consumers to gain authoritative and professional knowledge about dental care while grabbing high-quality toothpaste for only 1 yuan .

Peking University Dental Medicine Expert: Each cubic millimeter of tartar contains2billion bacteria The amount of toothpaste for adults should be at least larger than1a centimeter

During the live broadcast, JD Supermarket teamed up with the China Institute of Dental Disease Prevention and Control to invite Xu Tongkai, a doctor of stomatology from Peking University, to the JD Supermarket live broadcast room to popularize science on topics such as children’s brushing methods, how to choose toothbrushes and toothpaste. During the period, JD Supermarket provided 3,000 tubes of white jade toothpaste during the live broadcast, with a flash sale price as low as 1 yuan.

Regarding brushing children’s teeth, Dr Xu Tongkai said that children should use fluoride toothpaste from an early age, which can effectively prevent tooth decay. In terms of dosage, it is recommended that children under 3 use toothpaste the size of a grain of rice, and that children aged 3-6 use the size of a soya bean grain.

Regarding dental fluorosis, Dr. Xu Tongkai said that the occurrence of dental fluorosis is more related to the quality of drinking water, and generally occurs during the tooth growth period It is less susceptible to dental fluorosis after the teeth have were completed. For fluoride toothpaste, the fluoride content is far from enough to cause dental fluorosis, so patients with dental fluorosis can still use fluoride toothpaste.

Dr. Xu Tongkai also emphasized that each cubic millimeter of tartar contains about 200 million bacteria, so brushing your teeth is very important. When it comes to choosing a toothbrush, it is recommended to use a soft-bristled toothbrush. For toothbrushes that claim to be “super soft”, it is recommended to use them when you have oral wounds such as oral ulcers, it is not recommended to use “super soft” toothbrushes for a long time. In terms of brushing strength, it is recommended to bend the tip of the toothbrush bristles by a third.

When choosing a toothpaste, Dr Xu Tongkai particularly emphasized the need to pay attention to the miraculous effects claimed by some products. In the past, the effectiveness claims on my country’s toothpaste market were relatively confusing. However, after the “Cosmetic Supervision and Administration Regulations” classified toothpaste as a general cosmetic, slogans such as whitening, treatment of mouth inflammation, sterilization, cannot and prevent tooth decay. were abused longer.

During the live broadcast, a user mentioned the problem of the color block at the bottom of the toothpaste. Dr. Xu Tongkai said that the color block is used for positioning during production and has nothing to do with ingredients nor the effectiveness of the toothpaste. Consumers do not need to care about the color block when buying toothpaste.

Four major brand experts: Enzymes can break the link between tartar formation at the source Damage to tooth enamel is at the root of most dental diseases

With the advent of the “intensive” era of oral care, consumer demands for dental care and health are becoming increasingly diverse and fragmented. During the live broadcast, JD Supermarket joined hands with the four major brands of Shuke, Lengsuanling, ELMEX, and Sensodyne to bring consumers the best in children’s teeth protection, cleaning and whitening, stain removal, and anti-aging care. popular allergic targeted science and buying guides, as well as great value and low prices across the entire network.

According to the Fourth National Epidemiological Survey on Oral Health, the decay rate of deciduous teeth of 3-year-old children in my country is 50.8%, and the decay rate of 4-year-old and 5-year-old children is as high as 63.6. % and 71.9% respectively The tooth decay rate among children remains high. ELMEX, the professional oral care brand with the No. 1 sales volume in many European countries, joins forces with Dr. Dong Honglie to popularize the science of children’s oral care.

According to Dr Dong Honglie, fluoride is a globally recognized ingredient for preventing tooth decay. The fluoride in toothpaste will form a protective layer on the surface of the tooth, strengthening tooth enamel and resisting acid erosion caused by bacteria in break down food. Dr Dong Honglie also introduced the Pap brushing method, the amount of toothpaste for babies, the use of fluoride toothpaste, etc., answered questions for parents, and recommended 2 packs of Aimeis 0-6 years special anti-cavity toothpaste which suitable for babies. .

Shuke is a specialist brand in the oral care industry, and expert Xie Xiaofang brings you a one-stop teeth whitening solution. According to expert Xie Xiaofang, active biological enzyme directional whitening technology is used to dissolve and remove stains, which can effectively resist pigments and prevent teeth from turning yellow. In addition, enzymes can crack the contact forming tartar from the source and deeply restore the whiteness of teeth. When it comes to whitening, expert Xie Xiaofang recommended Shuke Intelligent Whitening Toothpaste and Shuke Effective Brand Teeth Whitening Strips to make teeth whitening easier.

As a leader in the anti-sensitivity toothpaste industry, Lengsuanling brings the popular science of anti-sensitivity to JD supermarket users. According to Dr Dong Haide, the enamel on the surface of the tooth wears away or the gums recede, causing the dentin to be exposed, leaving the originally closed dental tubules in an open state, lead to gum sensitivity. Lengsu Lingyiyan Anti-Sensitive 60 Second Formula Pump Type Toothpaste can take effect in 60 seconds to quickly reduce sensitivity. Regular use in the morning and evening can continuously fight sensitivity, improve teeth’s tolerance to cold, hot, sour and sweet, and get rid of sensitivity problems.

As a representative of Sensodyne, a professional anti-sensitivity specialist, Zhang Yongxia believes that damaged tooth enamel is the root cause of most dental problems. In order to fundamentally solve tooth sensitivity, it is necessary to reshape tooth enamel that has to damage. He recommended Sensodyne’s Enamel Health Series, and said that the enamel remodeling factor in toothpaste can continuously penetrate the tooth cracks, promote the absorption of fluoride and calcium on the tooth surface, and achieve a virtuous cycle.

From third-party data and multiple user surveys, we can see that JD Supermarket has a professional buyer team and selects high-quality goods among various large online and offline supermarkets. Its product prices are relatively competitive and its quality product is the most guaranteed. Various service initiatives are leading the industry and becoming the preferred channel for consumers to purchase oral health products.

Warning from the financial community: The content, data and tools in this article do not constitute any investment advice and are for information only and have no guiding role. The stock market is risky, so be careful when investing!

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