Je Bua Ban meets the police to testify. In the case of splashing a deck of rice at the abbot claiming to have a little sleep

Je Bua Ban meets the police to testify. In the case of splashing a deck of rice at the abbot claiming to have a little sleep

From the case of social media world and various pages throughout Khon Kaen Province, pictures of the incident have been published. while the villagers Participated in making merit at Wat Charoen Waree, Rural District, Khon Kaen Province. There was a ladyboy wearing a yellow silk dress. holding for the rice to prepare to offer the altar to the monks by walking towards the abbot of the temple before making a stumble until the food on the prepared rice deck splashed on the abbot until the abbot fell and stained his whole body

Later, Phra Prasert Thanuttaro, 62 years old, Abbot of Charoen Waree Temple have traveled to report to Police Lieutenant Nitipat Rungrueng, Deputy Senator (Investigation) of the Rural Police.

On December 27, 1964, Mr. Kithemrat Phothiyakhamhom, 48 years old, or Chao Bua Ban Non Phayom villagers, Village No. 6, Non Phayom Sub-district, Rural District, Khon Kaen Province, met with investigators at the Rural Police Station in Khon Kaen Province to give testimony. In the case of alleged physical harm to Phra Prasert Thanuttaro, the abbot of Wat Charoenwaree by making the food fall on the abbot Pol Col Chansin Nasungchon, the Rural Police Superintendent and investigators, investigated Chao Bua Ban for about 2 hours and was released back.

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Je Bua Ban revealed that he grew up in this village. Make merit at this temple every day. If the day did not come will offer food to monks at this temple This image was made without consulting the temple committee. by bringing the cold coffin that Yom’s relatives brought and selling it to the antique collector for 600 baht without notifying the committee or the villagers. And this morning just brought the money to the committee without consulting anyone. And the events that happened according to the clip actually happened. But I didn’t mean to There is no intention as mentioned by social media.

I sleep less because the live broadcast sells products. causing the blackout to fall down as seen in the clip Over the years, this abbot has behaved inappropriately. until sometimes he thinks that making merit will get merit or not but didn’t care Now I want to apologize to you. I want to apologize Because no matter what, he is a monk. He will make 5 bowls to apologize to him. and are also relatives with the same surname Today I will take the elders to apologize. Confirm that the face is really dark Because he sleeps little, has no intention of following the clips that appear as people are deliberately bullying themselves.

The abbot told reporters after reporting to the police that This morning, it was a time when there were many relatives who came to make merit as usual. The events this morning were not expected to happen. both idle He came and cursed and it happened. I still feel pain now with underlying disease, fat clogged, the doctor does not stress When the incident happened, the stress increased. Spilled curry cup hurts Saying that it was not intentional and sleepy, personally did not believe what Yom claimed.



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