“Jeab Watchara” hits hard after seeing the bad news – reveals the secret of loving his wife for 30 years

Called as another entertainer who encountered the poisonous covid 19 play hard Until there are rumors that it is underwhelming? for Jeab-Watchara Pan-iam one of the members of the gallery Recently, the person has come out to clear this issue in the hot talk show SHOW broadcast on Channel One31 with Peggy Srithanya, Ajarn Nueng as the host of the show

At one point, I saw Jeab going on a program. Is there any news that has been flowing in the underdog period?

chick : “I don’t know what words How did this come out? I’m down. I never said that I was down. Just that the work that we’ve been doing, it’s a career income, it’s actors, covids, they don’t let them film, they all hit each other, so it’s no filming. When there is no filming It means losing your job, 100% unemployed, meaning you don’t work at all every day. Eat, sleep, wake up, eat, sleep. That’s all. They call me unemployed. I don’t fall down.

But I found the news that hit me like that. Are you secretly angry?

chick : “I’m not angry because the feelings we know We have been working for more than 60 years, working a lot, so we know that sales That one must be sold like this. This must be sold like that. people will be interested Beep first. Come in and look at it right away, there are only walls in the beep. It’s nothing in the beep. It’s normal.”

In the past, during the covids, we have been canceled many jobs. Approximately how much is this total in money?

Chick: “Oh, tell me about it It’s a lot of satang. There are 7 units.”

And the moment when we didn’t have a main job at that time, how do we survive to this day?

Chick: “The old model with knowing that we have to save this one. tourist style We go out to eat out every day. We stock up. We used to cook curry for one meal. The pot is a little bigger for many meals and saves more and more. It’s economical at every point. Not stingy, but thrifty, which can survive. It’s not a luxury. Lots of fluff.”

But P’ Jeab didn’t plan to sell things like a celebrity. Another artist?

chick : “No, I don’t have anything to sell. It is what we have, it is necessary for life in our work, by profession it cannot be sold. What can I exchange? I don’t have that kind of storage. and then use this method Live economically and tell everyone in the house, hey, Dad doesn’t have a job right now. It’s going to be luxurious and fussy. It’s impossible to go there and travel in the same way. It’s gone downhill. He understands.

Because the main job What dramas are these? And the drama squad is lifted all together?

chick : “There is probably a job as well. Can’t do drama and sing? Where did the audience come from? No.”

And now it’s starting to gradually come back or not? About work?

chick : “I’m back. I’m back. It started around the beginning of the year. There was a drama coming in contact. And then he took a lot of pictures. So there will be 1234 indefinitely. Close this story and open the story over there. and wants to play music if he can’t come and see play online? Go to the social world instead.

Now there are many online channels. Put up an account for him to transfer money as well. Give trips?

Chick: “Oh, I didn’t get the trip. Buy tickets. Sell tickets. Emotions like you have to come in and we’ll give you the code. Friends will be able to link and watch. Sell ​​that link.

Let me ask, how many types of Jeab are in the entertainment industry and have done all of them? in this entertainment industry What are you doing?

Chick: “Then went to write scripts first, write short scripts for a TV company. Finished writing, no one plays, they play themselves. is also an actor directing friends playing with Directed over and over here. and then came back and stapled the whole chapter Hey, it’s a book right here. can write a book I’m a writer too. And the song must have a background song, the title, over there, this show. You can sing by yourself.”

What do you like the most in many ways? As it was done?

chick : “I like money. Seriously. I don’t have money to do anything to make spears. My hobby is still drawing beautiful pictures. Finished drawing and keep it in the house for no one to see. He doesn’t call it art. If it’s something we’ve never done It’s all to be thought of. and then encountered a problem I think that living every day is a solution to everyday problems. No matter this matter, this matter, this matter, everything has a problem. Fix it and remember that if this one doesn’t work and still going to solve the same problem and not succeeding, so called phi don’t do that The guy who made the same mistake repeatedly called him Fay.”

Files referring to files that are on your computer, right?

chick : “I’m a slur, no, I’m a person who doesn’t like doing the same thing over and over again. That’s all. Problems that we’ve solved and done, we’ll take as lessons. Use it to solve the next problem. What we don’t know and like. We love it. We want to do it. Do it. Don’t have to sit and wait for a chance when it will fall from the sky. There is no ”

So in conclusion, what does Jeab like? Write scripts, play plays, sing songs?

chick : “Write a book. not in here not in this too It’s like an incorrect question. It’s like answering question D. Writing a book will be your own person as much as possible. Being an actor is a medium. We’re good at acting anyway. must play according to the role I don’t know who it is which is not ourselves Play until the audience believes him. Being a director is having a role. We must follow that chapter that we interpret. Being an artist, drawing, singing, we may be heartbroken or life is broken. But we have to sing for the audience to get into the song. That’s what a clear expression is like. As the writing of the book is the most self-evident. The most loving is write a book”

I’m very surprised. How did you see Jeab jump to become a singer?

chick : “Didn’t jump into a singer. He was a singer before. because singing since college But it didn’t poke any money. Singing in the university band, singing joyfully, as you can hear, there will be 2 eras in the country, in one era it was Yo Yanee Tramoth, who wore the Ratchapatan in purple cloth. have sang very loudly, brought a song of luk thung And then there was a chardo band playing. The dryer is not a real lukthung. Next is the hair band. come up with western songs Then continue with the country song. Everyone likes it and screams. If it’s now, it won’t be able to play. Copyrights come to bloom.”

I saw it as an artist at a time when the album couldn’t sell?

chick : “Every moment, every moment, that is, Chaliang is a very famous band. Dang Show is a song that was released with Khun Thongchai. is famous But there is no sales, people know, but I don’t know why. One could be a group of people who are on campus. which he has high technology to buy 1 tape and make 100 rolls and give it to friends”

Show that it’s a singer who makes landslide expenses?

chick : “It’s called shaking. Shake the industry, shake it to the tape camp. This band ruined me.

And the music is so loud But there is no sales. Do you feel hurt?

chick : “Don’t worry because it’s already used to you. What is it already used to? it will not disappoint But I just don’t understand This song is back Because Khun Keng Jira Malikul of GTH made a movie about BTS. It fits the movie very well. Asked to buy from the composer, Prapas Cholsaranon, bought the song and put it in the movie credits at the end. We go to the movies, when will our music come? Oh, when people get up. Then it started getting louder a little more. from unknown people But it’s very popular because Scrub band sings it, which he likes very much. because of its meaning.”

I saw that in the past, girls flirted a lot?

chick : “During the time of organizing a tour in the provinces Far away from our fans There were some secretly looking at the girls. There was a senior singer telling them to go on a tour in other provinces. Ying for sure. But there’s also a weird line coming in.”

Are you an annoyed person with a high ego?

chick: Well, we’ve written a book about “It’s not what you want”, the title of the book already says. is that we have our standards We were brought up like this. in this society learned like this Everything is cause and effect. and mites that are above or below the standard We’ll say it doesn’t work. so it’s annoying Measure your own ego that we all have to revolve around me

What events in the past caused some excitement?

chick : When I saw the news, I was shocked. Today, people like not telling the truth. not telling the whole truth Hold it for yourself to be good. I don’t know why it’s plugged in. Make society mess up?

How do people around our family deal with our emotions?

chick : I did not cope Well, they’re spread out (laughs).

P’ Jeab is like this. Is it difficult to live in society?

chick : It’s not that hard, just take a deep breath. It’s like this Today, we often retreat. Enter the house and walk backwards into the house. That is, when we know the cause of it, our hearts will be calm. Over the age of 60, we will change it ourselves with everything.

I saw that when I was nervous then the family is broken I want to ask how many years have you been married?

chick : Married since 35 years, have been in love for 30 years. Sweet, not sweet, I don’t know. because I don’t know who to compare with Have a good time

how is the path of love Are you crazy in love with your wife?

chick : “No, I’m a natural person. We flirt with him to make him our soul mate. But to get a life partner that can go together Smooth is we already know. Because there are many examples if we have a bit of mindfulness and do not succumb, it is not foolish love. What’s so crazy about it? is to understand that soon he will be the mother of our child he will have an old day The date is not like this Let’s talk first Don’t change yourself for that. How can it be like that?”

Is there any romance?

chick : “Yes, but it’s not a surprise. It’s more of a thing to do. What are we eating? and bought it to bring home.”

Have you ever encountered a mystical experience called haunting?

chick : “It’s not called that often. is that it came without our intention to meet When I saw you right away.. The first thing is to go and shoot a movie in Phetchabun. and carry a bag Going with the gang when the intellectuals at the bottom of the kitchen As soon as we arrived at the hotel, the children raised their freckles. We asked if there was a ghost. The young man said that the elevator was closed and everyone was silent. When the elevator opens, it’s not the floor that we press. It opens into a room with a wand and a talisman opposite the elevator. and the door was closed. Later, everyone can’t sleep, can’t move, is haunted by ghosts. Use a wide angle camera. It turns out that there are some white spots. It’s like someone is riding a motorcycle that is 3 meters long, that everyone sees the same. And again, filming a hilarious scene. And there are people smiling with teeth? They all see the same.”

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