Jeddah Shantapuram Mahal Committee Farewell to Nasser Shantapuram | Jeddah Shantapuram Mahal Committee bids farewell to Nassar Shantapuram

Jeddah: Residents of Shantapuram Mahal in Jeddah bid farewell to Nasser Shantapuram, who is returning after 43 years of exile.

General Secretary Biran Anamangadan gave a brief introduction to Nassar Shantapuram’s 43-year exile.

The meeting assessed that since the formation of the Shantapuram Mahal Committee in Jeddah in 1984, he had fulfilled the positions of executive member of the committee, joint secretary, vice president and treasurer. He has served four times as President of the Committee. He took the helm of Shantapuram Mahal Welfare Society which was dormant for a long time and has been its President since then till now.

Nasser Shantapuram was the first to prepare a database of Mahal residents in Jeddah. Later, he led the constitution of the organization. Residents of Jeddah Mahal community KT Kamaruddin, KV Farooq, PC Mujeeb, Ummer Kurikkal, Abdul Hameed Nedumannil and Abid Hussain, Ibrahim Shamnad and Zakir Hussain spoke on behalf of the Alumni of Al Jamia Islamia Shantapuram. The song was sung by Hanifa Master and Zaharish Qamar. Vice President KP Mustafa presided, welcomed Shabir Ali and PC Mujeeb also thanked.

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