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Reporter Wu Ruici/Comprehensive Report

“VJ Love” Jennie and V were exposed by hackers a few days ago with many photos of their love After taking a photo of Jennie taking a nude bath, she choked in the air: “It’s a little too late!” Due to a series of private photos that could not be finished, fans were worried and hoped that the company would intervene to settle the issue as soon as possible.

▲ Hackers revealed private photos of Jennie in a nude bath, and her attitude was arrogant. (Photo / Retrieved from Twitter)

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According to the photos that went viral on Twitter, the hacker who leaked Jennie and V’s love photos got impatient again on the 20th, and said in the group: “Jennie might not have followed everyone, but your photos are the same with yours. Taehyung’s (V) couple photos have already been exposed, it’s a little too late.” He posted a photo of Jennie taking a bath in a bathtub with her upper body topless, and wrote, “This is Jennie taking a bath in and a bathtub.”

Although this photo was referred to as a P photo by fans, who thought that the ears of women in the bath did not match Jennie’s ears, the hackers published several photos repeatedly, which clearly violated the privacy of the artist Details such as silence and whether to communicate with hackers have not been made public, and the fans’ emotions are also uneasy.

Jennie's private nude photos are leaked!  Hackers are arrogant: photos of you and your boyfriend V have been exposed (Photo / Retrieved from Twitter)

▲ BLACKPINK recently made a comeback, and Jennie’s schedule is also full. (Photo / Retrieved from Twitter)

Jennie and V’s dating scandal first started on a trip to Jeju Island. Some netizens said they saw the two traveling in the same car, although they were called “composite photos” by fans at the time, and the company was not willing to respond directly, did the hacker’s mood Out of control, they posted the irreparable evidence of their love many times, trying to spread their feelings in the sun.

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