Jeon Chae-won Shares Turbulent Journey as a Young Mother on ‘High School Mom and Dad 4’

New Episode of ‘High School Mom and Dad 4’ Explores Turbulent Journey of Teenage Pregnancy

Lee Eun, Money Today Reporter | 2023.08.21 14:05

On the upcoming episode of MBN’s entertainment program ‘High School Mom and Dad 4’, scheduled to air on the 23rd, Jeon Chae-won shares her tumultuous experience of becoming a teenage mother.

In a desperate plea, Jeon Chae-won opens up about the challenges she is unable to face alone and directly reaches out to the production team for help. Although she is not a ‘high school mom’, she candidly reveals the circumstances that led to her conceiving a child at a young age and the difficulties that followed.

The show will begin by recreating the dramatic journey of Jeon Chae-won’s journey into motherhood. Growing up as the youngest with an age gap of 11 years between her siblings, she received immense love and care from her father.

Jeon Chae-won explains that due to her health issues since childhood, she depended on her parents for assistance. She then recounts how she met a man while preparing for a job, and despite knowing him for only a week, they began dating and eventually moved in together.

Preview video featuring Park Mi-sun, In Gyo-jin, Seo Jang-hoon, lawyer Lee In-cheol, and psychological counselor Jo Young-eun

Reacting to Jeon Chae-won’s immature decision to inform her parents about her pregnancy after just 40 days of dating and then announcing her wedding plans, the cast members express their disbelief. They comment that her parents must have been extremely shocked and fortunately, there were no altercations during the production.

However, Jeon Chae-won faced unforeseen challenges after giving birth. She discloses that her mother-in-law, who had been very close to her husband, abruptly decided to take the baby and leave her alone at home, claiming that her son needed rest.

The cast members are left astonished by this absurd situation, questioning its authenticity. In response, the production team confirms that Jeon Chae-won will bravely share her story of navigating through various illnesses during her pregnancy and postpartum period, while also shedding light on her evolving daily life and shifting concerns.

The team invites viewers to empathetically witness Jeon Chae-won’s life, as she quietly endures unhappiness and feels abandoned by those around her.

Tune in to MBN’s ‘High School Mom and Dad 4 That Adults Don’t Know’ on the 23rd at 10:20 pm to gain insights into Jeon Chae-won’s extraordinary journey.

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Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.08.21 14:05

/Photo = MBN Introductory video of ‘High School Mom and Dad 4 Adults Don’t Know’ Jeon Chae-won, who became pregnant 40 days after meeting, admits the wounds she received from her mother-in-law after give birth

On the 23rd, MBN’s entertainment program ‘High School Mom and Dad 4’, unknown to adults, will feature Jeon Chae-won, who went through turbulent events after becoming pregnant at a young age.

On this day’s broadcast, Jeon Chae-won appeared, saying, “I have a problem that I can’t solve with my own strength,” and asked for an SOS directly from the production team. Jeon Chae-won is not a ‘high school mom’, but she reveals what happened and her difficult worries after conceiving a child at a young age.

First, the story of Jeon Chae-win becoming a mother is drawn as a re-enactment drama. Jeon Chae-won was born a late child with an age difference of 11 years from her eldest brother and grew up with a lot of love from her father.

Jeon Chae-won said that she received a lot of help from her parents because she didn’t feel well since childhood. He says he met a man while preparing for a job, started dating straight away, and started living together within a week of meeting.

/Photo = MBN ‘High school mom dad 4 adults don’t know’ 3MC preview video Park Mi-sun, In Gyo-jin, Seo Jang-hoon, lawyer Lee In-cheol, and psychological counselor Jo Young-eun all saying that was “abnormal behavior.”

In response to Jeon Chae-won’s immature story of telling her parents she was pregnant after 40 days of dating and informing her of the wedding, the cast members said, “My parents must have been shocked big” and “It’s lucky I didn’t get hit on set.” do.

Jeon Chae-win faced unexpected difficulties after giving birth. Jeon Chae-won admitted, “Immediately after giving birth, my mother-in-law, who was very close to my husband, said, ‘I need to let my son rest’ and left me and the baby newborn at home and took my son. son to the main house.”

After hearing the absurd story, the cast members said, “Is this really a real situation?”

The production team said, “Jeon Chae-won reveals the brave story of raising a child alone while suffering from various illnesses from pre-pregnancy to postpartum, and also reveals her daily life and ‘her related concerns have changed 180 degrees.”

Then, he asked, “Watch the life of Jeon Chae-won with a warm gaze, who wants to diagnose the current situation quietly, saying, ‘As I become unhappy against my will, everyone around me leaves .'”

Meanwhile, MBN’s ‘High School Mom and Dad 4 That Adults Don’t Know’ starring Jeon Chae-won will be broadcast on the 23rd at 10:20pm.

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