Jeon Do-yeon “I filmed with my teeth clenched to break the female action bias” (‘Fifteen Nights on a Business Trip’)

[OSEN=최지연 기자] Actress Jeon Do-yeon revealed her feelings about acting in action.

On the 2nd, on the YouTube content ‘Channel 15 Nights’ filmed by producer Na Young-seok, a video titled ‘Customers whose hearts beat in entertainment faced by bloodthirsty killers’ was uploaded.

In the video that day, Seol Kyung-gu, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Sia, Esom, and Lee Yeon, who are the main characters of the Netflix movie ‘Gil Bok-soon’, were sitting and attracting attention. When Jeon Do-yeon was asked if there were any difficulties with the ‘Kil Bok-soon’ act, he said, “There are physical limitations, and people’s prejudice.”

At the same time, she said, “I think I had low expectations for Jeon Do-yeon’s female act or action, but I think I tried harder because I wanted to break them. Although my body hurts, I think I have to do whatever, so I close my teeth.”

Meanwhile, Seol Kyung-gu filmed three movies in a row with director Byun Seong-hyun, including ‘The Merciless’, ‘King Maker’ and ‘Gil Bok-soon’. He admitted, “During ‘The Merciless’, I didn’t fully trust director Byun Seong-hyun, but I pretended to be deceived.”

Then, “In the beginning, I didn’t believe in it, but it was strange. It made the story like a cartoon. As I gained some trust, I fought a lot in ‘The Merciless’, but I fought less in ‘The Merciless’. King Maker’, and I didn’t fight at all in ‘Gil Bok-soon’.” he revealed and brought laughter.

In particular, Seol Kyung-gu said about his acting routine, “I sweat before filming and going out. I jump rope, but I did about 10,000 during ‘Memoir of a Murderer.’


[사진] ‘Fifteen nights on a business trip’ video screen


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