“Jeon Do Yeon” must choose! kill or be killed In the last teaser, “Kill Boksoon” before watching March 31 on Netflix.

The new Netflix original movie “Kil Bok-soon | Kill Boksoon”, extreme role change work “Jeon Do-yeon” (Jeon Do-yeon) has released a new poster. And the last example is crazy!

Kill Boksoon is an action film. The story revolves around legendary assassin Gil Bok Soon (played by Jeon Do Yeon) before he is scheduled to renew his contract with the assassin company he belongs to. She had to face a big problem that was inevitable. that she had no other choice Besides choosing Kill or be killed

The third Kill Boksoon poster is designed to be scarier than any of the previous ones. It features all the main characters of the film intertwined in a network of knives, axes, samurai swords and bloody guns. Terrifyingly, Jeon Do Yeon leads the group as Gil Bok Soon, an assassin and a single mother. Alongside her is Sol Kyung-gu (Sol Kyung-gu) who plays the role of Cha Min Kyu, the CEO and dad’s boss, a charming person MK Ent. where Bok Soon works.

Below, Gil Bok Soon is her youngest daughter, Gil Jae Young, played by Kim Si-ah. Also in the poster is Cha Min Hee, played by Sham’s younger sister, Esom. Nyu and director MK Ent., as well as Han Hee Sung, played by Goo Kyo-hwan, one of Gil Bok Soon’s fellow killers in MK Ent. “I’ll hide it until I die. And if I can’t hide, I’ll kill him. ” “When a murderer makes the rules The secret will rule all.”

In the latest example which is the last example of the film He presents a remarkable portrait of the murderer Gil Bok-sun, who devoted her life to her work. But at the same time you have to do everything you can. to hide the truth from everyone

At the beginning of the clip, the CEO of MK Ent. Cha Min Kyu explains, “There is an old saying, One kill saves three times your patience.” Kill the golden gourds.” –Wa Shan) That added “Those of us gathered today are the professionals who will put those words into action,” Cha Min Kyu proudly explained. “Killing has become a global business. And we get paid well.”

Although his boss seems confident. But the task is much more complicated for Gil Bok Soon. When she was hit by a gang of mothers from her daughter’s classmates asking in conversation “Why didn’t you take Jae Young anywhere this summer?” Gil Bok soon replied with an embarrassed smile, “Oh… I was working abroad at the time.”

But in the end, her daughter found fault with her mother. and admitted in question “I saw a gun in Mommy’s pocket.” Considering the dangerous situation, Gil Bok soon decided to tell Cha Mingyu, “I might quit my job. after the contract has ended.”

Meanwhile, Han Hee Sung introduced Gil Bok Soon with a laugh, “Better to tell the truth to the company. Or kill them.” Minhee simply said, “The easiest way to solve the problem. is to get rid of the problem,” Gil Bok asked coldly soon. “The President is going to kill me?”

March 31 Find all the answers to your doubts in “Kil Boksoon | Kill Boksoon” only on NetflixTH with Thai subtitles and Thai dubbed.

final example

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The third type of scratch poster of “Kill Boksoon”

3rd Thai style poster of “Kil Bok Soon |  Kill Boksoon”

Jeon Do Yeon is a legendary assassin and a single mother to a busy teenage daughter.

Emu Kim Si-ah as the legendary assassin's daughter

Legendary assassin Gil Bok Soon

Jeon Do Yeon, pictured by NetflixKR

Sol Kyung-gu (Image: NetflixKR)

Kim Si-ah (Image: NetflixKR)

Kill Boksoon uses a transliterated name, Kil Bok-soon.