‘Jeon Jang-yeon’, ‘Itaewon incense burner’… Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon’s answer to a foreign reporter’s question?

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Mayor Oh Se-hoon’s overseas press conference (video)

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon held a press conference on Seoul’s policy vision for foreign reporters on the 7th.

Mayor Oh gave a presentation in English without interpretation to foreign reporters gathered in the Seoul City Hall conference room on the themes ‘Seoul walking with the weak’ and ‘Seoul, an attractive global city’.

In the question and answer session that followed, issues related to the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s response to the subway protests by the National Unity for the Elimination of Discrimination against People with Disabilities (hereafter Jeon Yeon-yeon) and the installation of an incense burner from in front of City Hall. by the victims of the Itaewon accident, overpopulation, redevelopment budget issues, and issues related to the choice of an incinerator site were discussed. Questions and answers were exchanged on various topics, such as discussions on the upper age limit for non-subway rides.

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Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon gave a presentation on Seoul’s policy vision to foreign reporters gathered in the Seoul City Hall conference room on the 7th.

Right now, in front of Seoul City Hall, an incense burner is being placed by the grieving families of the victims of the Itaewon stampede. After the bereaved families unexpectedly placed an incense burner in Seoul Plaza on the 4th despite the city’s ‘no permission’ stance, the city of Seoul has asked them to voluntarily remove it several times.

Initially the city of Seoul requested the voluntary demolition of the incense burner by 1:00 pm On the 6th, while the second notice was being served to the bereaved family, the deadline was again set at ‘1:00 pm on the 8th’, but an emergency briefing was held again on the 7th, a day later, and was postponed. to ‘1:00pm on the 15th’.

When asked by foreign reporters about the matter, Mayor Oh said, “We (Seoul City) have a principle for the operation of the square,” and “we did not allow it because it does not go against that principle. ” He added, “We asked the bereaved families to give them enough time to remove the illegally installed installations themselves, and if you give us your opinion on where to move the incense burner, we will review it.”

Regarding the Itaewon stampede accident, Mayor Oh said, “I had a lot of reflection while going through the Itaewon accident.” He also said that the Seoul Metropolitan Government is working hard to come up with comprehensive countermeasures, such as installing intelligent CCTV.

Mayor Oh also said, “There is no additional message” to Jeon Jeon-yeon, who is suspending the subway protest from the 3rd to the 13th and demanding a “proactive” stance change from the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.

Mayor Oh and Jeon Jeon-yeon CEO Park Gyeong-seok had their first meeting on the 2nd after several months of verbal battles, but could not reach an agreement.

Referring to this meeting in a foreign press conference on the 7th, Mayor Oh repeatedly said, “The position of the city of Seoul was fully explained through the last hour meeting, and the decision was passed to Jeon Jeon-yeon. ” At the same time, Jeon Jeon-yeon’s protests are “unacceptable and illegal because they cause unforeseeable inconvenience to ordinary citizens of Seoul, who are really socially disadvantaged, and ordinary people who have no choice but to use public transportation,” he said. no harm in the principle of responding with zero tolerance.”

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A memorial service for the victims of the Itaewon stampede is being held in front of Seoul City Hall on the 7th.

Meanwhile, at the meeting, a question was raised about the newly prepared Seoul city slogan. Currently, Seoul’s slogan is ‘I SEOUL U’.

Before this, on the 3rd, the city of Seoul chose a new brand candidate as ‘Seoul, my soul’ based on the results of a preference survey of about 400,000 Koreans and foreigners from December 28 last year to January 31 this year.’ and ‘Seoul for you’.

Regarding this, Mayor Oh said, “Interestingly, both receive similar support, but Seoul For You has a high preference in Korea and Seoul My Soul in foreign countries, so by the end of this month, if you dare to express it , we see which one has the highest score through a final vote.” The final decision will be left to a group of experts,” he said.

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