Jeon Jeon-joo “1 billion won in gold in the bank”… Amazing investment know-how

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Actor Jeon Jeon-ju proudly revealed that he has 1 billion won worth of gold.

On SBS ‘All The Butlers’ broadcast on the 16th, four investment experts representing Korea, stock expert Kim Dong-hwan, real estate expert Park Jong-bok, cryptocurrency expert Kim Seung-ju, and actor Jeon-ju Jeon-ju are dispatched to reveal their own success stories and secrets to earning money. .

Among them, Jeon Jeon-ju, who has been considered the king of savings in the entertainment industry, surprised everyone by revealing that he owns about 1 billion won in gold alone.

Jeon Jeon-joo has appeared on various entertainment programs prior to ‘All The Butlers’ and has shown off her own secret of re-tackling and the aspect of the king of savings.

At the time of appearing on KBS2’s ‘Good Morning Korea Live’, which aired in February last year, Jeon Jeon-ju started investing in stocks with 5.5 million won in seed money in 1987 and earned 30 million won in profits. In 1998, he earned 50 million won from international phone advertisements and invested 180 million won in stocks. Since 2000, he has proudly stated that he has a wealth of about 3 billion won by purchasing stocks, shopping malls, and savings.

Jeon Jeon-joo, who appeared on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, which aired in June last year, said, “I felt the importance of money from a young age,” and said, “I started stocks with 5 million won.”

The secret of investment selected by Jeon Won-joo is diversification. In particular, he said, “You have to collect rather than sell. It’s hard to collect a dime or two, but it gets easier when you go up to a certain level.”

In particular, Jeon Jeon-joo surprised the MCs by revealing, “When I go to the bank, I usually get a numbered ticket, but there is no such thing. I get a call from the bank. ‘When is your time. I’ll send you a car'” and surprised the MCs.

Also, when appearing on SBS Love FM’s ‘Heo Ji-woong Show’, which aired in August of last year, he revealed his own know-how, saying, ‘The secret to investing is to save.’ He said, “There is nothing else. It should be fun to collect rather than to write,” he said.

Jeon Jeon-joo, in particular, said, “I can spend a lot of money right now, but I ride the subway and bus. Also, I go to restaurants after looking at the prices. I don’t eat if it’s expensive. I still cherish it.” don’t give Those who collect money by saying, ‘Bring a savings account,’ will be given more pocket money.”

Regarding this country stock, economic creator GIMP PRO also expressed his view that “there was no possibility of losing it in the stock.” Regarding Jeon Jeon-ju, Kim Pro commented, “Basically, I don’t spend money. Most of my clothes are from other people.” He said, “I never sell when I lose again. I buy good-quality wine and never sell it. Until it goes up, until the end I will endure it,” he said, introducing the habit of investing in stocks by the country’s state.

In particular, he said, “Looking at his ability to endure, he is thrifty. He spends a lot of money and cannot survive when the stock price goes down. Because he has to sell stocks. “, explained.

Meanwhile, the four investment experts who appeared in ‘All The Butlers’ on this day forecast the flow of money in 2022 and release promising information and special information about their respective investment fields. In particular, Master Park Jong-bok, the second guest of ‘All The Butlers’, announced that he had recently purchased an additional 10 billion units, which is expected to attract the attention of the members. Broadcast on the 16th at 6:30 PM.

'All butlers'.  photo|SBS

picture explanation‘All butlers’. photo|SBS

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