Jeon Jeon-joo of ‘All The Butlers’ “I saved 1 billion won in gold, I can buy it when I have money”

SBS Capture © News1

Jeon said that he owns 1 billion won worth of gold.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘All The Butlers’, aired on the afternoon of the 16th, the discussion site of millionaire masters (stock expert Kim Dong-hwan, real estate consultant Park Jong-bok, cryptocurrency expert Kim Seung-joo, entertainment industry saving king Jeon-ju Jeon-ju) over the flow of money in 2022 was revealed. .

Park Jong-bok, who appeared for the second time in ‘All The Butlers’, surprised everyone by saying, “(After the broadcast) something has changed. I bought a building worth 10 billion won in Samseong-dong.”

Jeon Jeon-ju also said he had saved up 1 billion won in gold. Jeon Jeon-joo said, “When I have money, I buy gold, but I saved up to 1 billion won because I was collecting dust little by little.”

“Gold is hot, and having it is reassuring,” he added.

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