Jeon So-min attacked on ‘Show Window’… Is the true culprit the son of Song Yun-ah and Lee Seong-jae?

(Photo=Channel A ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ broadcast screen)

[이데일리 스타in 윤기백 기자] ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ Song Yoon-ah and Lee Seong-jae’s son confessed to stabbing Jeon So-min.

In the 13th episode of Channel A’s 10th anniversary special Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’, which was aired on the 10th, the story of Han Seon-joo (Song Yoon-ah) and Shin Myeong-seop (Lee Sung-jae) on the day of the reminder wedding was drawn. The story of that day, which was also the day when Yoon Mira (Jeon So-min) was attacked, drew the attention of viewers.

On this day, Han Seon-joo proposed a reminder wedding to Shin Myung-seop. This was to summon Yoon Mi-ra, who had the evidence to clear the frame of her mother, Kim Kang-im (Moon Hee-kyung). Shin Myeong-seop, who had to pretend to be a good couple with Han Seon-joo because of his position in the company, accepted this, and Han Seon-joo sent an invitation to Yoon Mira.

Yoon Mira was not the one who would sit still even after receiving the invitation. Yoon Mira put on a wedding dress and headed to Han Seon-joo’s house where the Remind Wedding was held. Cha Young-hoon (Kim Seung-soo), who noticed this, tried to stop him in the middle, but Yoon Mi-ra was already in a situation where no one could stop him.

As the reminder wedding started, the guests were once again surprised by the splendid and grand scale and the acting skills of Han Seon-joo and Shin Myeong-seop, who looked happy. On the surface, Han Seon-joo and Shin Myeong-seop were still a beautiful and perfect couple, and people envy them when they saw them.

Han Jeong-won (Hwang Chan-seong) was the first to discover Yoon Mira at the reminder wedding site. He went into the living room to get cheese and ran into Mira Yoon. Yoon Mi-ra provoked Han Jeong-won, who had shamelessly loved her, and Han Jeong-won was engulfed in anger that almost stabbed Yoon Mira with a knife that was cutting cheese. However, because of his nephew Tae-yong (Park Sang-hoon) who came in in the middle, he hurriedly hid Yoon Mira and went out together.

Han Seon-joo, who heard about Yoon Mira’s location from Han Jeong-won, went to her and said that he would announce the divorce in front of the guests if he turned over all the materials related to the Lachen Gallery by the time the party was over. Even Yoon Mi-ra, who said divorce comes first, was conflicted with Han Seon-joo’s decisive attitude.

The party continued, and Han Seon-joo continued the party as the main character. As the party drew to a highlight and the cake was about to be cut, Han Seon-joo’s screams resounded. And in the living room where the screams started, there were Han Seon-joo, who was surprised wearing a dress soaked in blood, and Yoon Mira, who was stabbed and fell.

An investigation by the police began, and Han Seon-joo, Shin Myeong-seop, and Han Jeong-won were all investigated as witnesses. Cha Young-hoon, who met Yoon Mira on the day of the party, also could not avoid being investigated. Han Seon-joo was booked as a suspect because of the fingerprints on the knife and DNA detected from Yoon Mira’s nails.

At that time, a witness appeared, and the identified culprit was arrested by the police station. He was the son of Han Seon-ju and Shin Myeong-seop, Tae-yong. Taeyong stated how he stabbed Yoon Mira in front of the sobbing Han Seon-joo and the calm Shin Myeong-seop. However, it has already been revealed that the knife that Taeyong said he used to stab Yoon Mira was not a crime tool. In the midst of this, Yoon Mira, who knows all the truth, woke up from a coma and amplified the curiosity about episode 14.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings research agency, episode 13 of ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ recorded 7.575% (national) and 6.896% (metropolitan) viewership ratings based on pay-TV households, maintaining its No. In addition, this is a record that ranks first in the same time zone for all channels including general and terrestrial broadcasting, and the highest viewer ratings per minute soared to 8.628% (national) and 7.966% (metropolitan area).

The 14th episode of Channel A’s 10th anniversary special project ‘Show Window: The Queen’s House’ will be broadcast at 10:30 pm on the 11th.



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