Jeon So-min raises suspicions of dating Yang Se-chan… The Big Picture Running Man tries to isolate Yoo Jae-suk from the entertainment industry

(Photo = SNS Running Man)

Jeon So-min raised doubts about dating Yang Se-chan.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘Running Man’ broadcast on the 14th, a three, three, five race was held.

Jeon So-min said during the opening day, “There is a story that Se-chan is dating these days.”

Yang Se-chan was surprised and explained, “No.” Kim Jong-guk took Yang Se-chan’s side saying, “(Real ramen) let me have a relationship. What are you talking about again?” and Yoo Jae-seok also helped by saying, “Let’s have a relationship .”

Yang Se-chan said, “I don’t know who the trot singer is because of Jeon So-min, but I got fed up with him.”

Haha, who was listening to this, grabbed Yang Se-chan’s neck, saying, “What are you going to do with Mi-ran?”

Also, Yoo Jae-seok said, “This is Jeon So-min’s big picture. I’m trying to completely isolate you from the entertainment industry.” Kim Jong-guk said, “If you fall in love, don’t does it make you more handsome and beautiful? Her face is a mess right now. “I was sure it wasn’t and made everyone laugh.

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