Jeon So-yeon “I went to the emergency room when I was on ‘Produce 100’…I get a cold sweat when I see the stage”

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[OSEN=연휘선 기자] Jeon So-yeon of girl group (G)I-DLE revealed a behind-the-scenes story about filming during ‘Produce 101’.

On the 26th, a fashion magazine posted on YouTube, “Soyeon, the leader who makes (G)I-DLE a queen, can talk now?! Soyeon’s crisis was posted during her six-year idol life?’.

In the video, Jeon So-yeon answered various questions and talked about an episode when she appeared on Mnet’s entertainment program ‘Produce 101’ in the past. He said, “When I was on ‘Produce 101’, it was time to perform the ‘Turtle Ship’. But it hurt so much. I don’t know why, but when I went up the stairs on stage, it hurt Eventually, after the stage, I was taken to the hospital. Watching him swell in, I felt cold. He must have been sweating. At that time, not I was able to speak, so I said, ‘It hurts a bit,’ but as time went by, I was able to speak honestly.”

[사진]OSEN DB.

[사진]OSEN DB.

It’s been 6 years since I got my first rate as a (G)I-DLE. Various periods were also accumulated. The moment I performed with 3D characters. Jeon So-yeon was on stage to celebrate the League of Legends World Championship, known as the ‘Lold Cup’. About this, he said, “This is the first time I met a 3D friend,” and he said, “It was very impressive.”

Also, Jeon So-yeon laughed, saying, “It was very difficult and difficult to perform with people who were treated with CG invisible to my eyes. There was also shooting, but it was as fun as it was difficult. ” Then, she showed pride, saying, “I took part in the World Cup three times. I was probably the one who took part the most among the women’s groups.”

[사진]OSEN DB.

[사진]OSEN DB.

In addition, Jeon So-yeon revealed the secret story behind the new album’s title song, “Queen Car,” saying, “I was originally working on a song called ‘Allergy’ as the song title, but I thought of a better idea which was ‘The Queen’s Car’.” He continued, “This album contains a message about self-esteem. I wanted to tell the story, ‘When I think I’m pretty, I’m the most beautiful myself'”, leaving a resonance.

Jeon So-yeon added, “I’m planning to go on a trip this summer. I think I’ll only spend it on a trip. I want to do something so fun that I think about it day and night.” /

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