Jeonbuk has a lot of clouds and a big daily temperature difference… ‘normal’ fine dust

commuting in the cold

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(Jeonju = Yonhap News) Reporter Lim Chaedoo = On the 7th, there will be many clouds in Jeonbuk and a big temperature difference between day and night.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the temperature as of 5 am today is 1.5 degrees in Jeonju, 6.8 degrees in Gunsan, 1.0 degrees in Iksan, -2.0 degrees in Namwon, -2.3 degrees in Muju, and -1.4 degrees in Jangsu.

The maximum temperature during the day is expected to be between 7 and 11 degrees, up about 2 degrees from the previous day.

The fine dust concentration will show a ‘normal’ level.

The Jeonju Meteorological Office advised, “There will be a big temperature difference between day and night until the 9th, so you should take care of your health.”

※ This article was produced in collaboration with NCSoft’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) artificial intelligence technology. Based on the draft written by artificial intelligence and data from the Korea Meteorological Administration, the reporter completed the final article and went through desks.

The weather forecast of the Korea Meteorological Administration, which is the original data of the article, can also be checked on the website ( ).

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