Jeonbuk Hyundai Morais and’Beautiful Breakup’ Next to Kim Sang-sik

[스포츠조선 노주환 기자]Jeonbuk Hyundai goes through the process of’beautiful farewell’ with Portuguese commander Jose Morais. Manager Morais will withdraw from the Jeonbuk Command Tower at the end of this season. The contract is over. Director Morais is known to be receiving many love calls in China and the Middle East. Following Morais, the Jeonbuk baton is most likely to be the chief coach Kim Sang-sik, the’housekeeper’ who led the Jeollabuk-do now.

The Jeonbuk club said, “Director Morais expressed his intentions about his move. I think he will leave when he applauds him.”

Director Morais revealed his intention to break up with Jeonbuk in an interview with Portuguese radio media’RR’ on the 2nd. He said, “I have no intention of staying in Jeonbuk. I had a discussion with the club to complete a two-year contract by this year, and now I am thinking about something else.”

Director Morais took the Jeonbuk Hyundai baton at the end of 2018 following Director Choi Kang-hee (Shanghai Sunhwa). Last year, he surpassed Ulsan Hyundai and won the first K-League victory over 14 goals in multiple points last year. Jeonbuk achieved a record for their first 4 consecutive victories in the K-League and 8 victories. Director Morais, well-known as’Director Murinho’s Right Arm’, raised his ransom by succeeding as the Jeonbuk Command Tower. He is up and down as a candidate for the big club in China and the rich Middle East club.

The Jeonbuk club is not concerned about the succession of manager Morais. Coach Sang-sik Kim has been preparing for a long time. Since wearing a Jeonbuk uniform with Lee Dong-guk (recently retired) in 2009, he has kept Jeonbuk as a player and leader. Two years ago, when coach Kang-hee Choi entered the Chinese stage, he caught him in the club. Coach Kim Sang-sik chose to remain in the Jeonbuk club. Coach Kim Sang-sik is gaining full support from players. Also, there is no problem in holding the baton as P-class coaches are already being trained. Reporter Noh Joo-hwan [email protected]


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