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The Jangsu-gun Sports Association for the Disabled (Chairman Young-soo Jang) won a total of 5 medals (1 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze) at the 41st National Sports Festival for the Disabled.

In this competition, as representatives of Jeollabuk-do, 4 players from the Jangsu-gun Disabled Sports Association, 2 coaches, and 1 referee participated in table tennis and lawn ball.

At the table tennis match held at Mungyeong Indoor Gymnasium, table tennis player Lee Geun-woo of the Jangsu-gun Disabled Sports Association won the women’s individual gold medal and women’s doubles silver medal, while table tennis player Baek Young-bok won the men’s individual silver medal and men’s doubles silver medal.

In addition, Jae-sun Shim, a long-legged player from the Jeollabuk-do national team, achieved the best results, such as recording a bronze medal in the B4 doubles team event held at the Andong Zion Foundation, once again raising the status of the Jangsu-gun Disabled Sports Association.

Jang Young-soo, president of the Jangsu-gun Sports Council for the Disabled, met with the athletes who performed well in the 41st National Paralympic Games on the 26th and said, “I am very proud of the Jangsu-gun athletes who performed well in the National Paralympic Games.” “Always a great hope for athletes with disabilities. Thank you for giving me and raising the status of Jangsu-gun and serving as a model for promoting Jangsu-gun and revitalizing sports for the disabled.”

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