Jeong Dong-win, ‘contribution in full’ with pocket money for turtle release… Touching impression [지구탐구생활]

Reporter Yoon Seong-yeol | 2023.05.30 20:06

/ Photo courtesy = ‘Life Exploring the Earth’

In ‘Earth Exploration Life’, Jeong Dong-won conveys a special impression by donating pocket money from the water for the release of a healthy Sri Lankan turtle.

In the fourth episode of MBN’s ‘Earth Exploration Life’, which airs on the afternoon of the 30th, Jung Dong-win visits a turtle shelter in Sri Lanka and fights in various ways for the turtles, from underwater cleaning to donations and release.

In the previous recording, Jeong Dong-won visited a turtle shelter that rescues injured turtles and returns them to the sea after treatment.

At this time, Jeong Dong-won learned that there was a turtle that had not yet gone into the sea due to a lack of donations even after the treatment was finished, and he gave all his pocket money ready to release the turtle, giving a moving sensation. impression

Immediately, the turtle was released, and Jeong Dong-won, who watched the turtle crawl slowly to the beach as if scared, cheered for the turtle’s new beginning, saying, “Live longer than me.” After watching the baby turtles release, Jeong Dong-won couldn’t help but admire the wonders of nature.

However, even for a moment of emotion, Jeong Dong-won immediately fell into infinite cleaning limits, cleaning the tank for the baby turtles and carrying sea water, causing laughter.

On the other hand, Jeong Dong-won, who finished the work of the turtle shelter, went to Galle Fort Street with Kim Sook and saw a large elephant statue while looking at souvenirs from Sri Lanka, revealing his willingness to buy. However, Jeong Dong-won, who checked the price of the elephant statue, said, “I will think about it and buy it.” Jeong Dong-won said, “I have developed a lot,” and showed further growth.

After shopping, Jeong Dong-won went to check the last homework with Kim Sook, and Jeong Dong-won surprised Kim Sook again by saying that he filled out the ‘survival note’ all night. In particular, Jeong Dong-won wrote in detail the life tips he felt in Sri Lanka in a notebook, admiring Kim Sook. Moreover, Jeong Dong-won, who received warm praise from Kim Sook, suddenly performed a cute hip dance on the street, making onlookers laugh.

The production team said, “In the 4th episode of ‘Earth Exploration Life’, the final schedule of Sri Lanka with Jung Dong-won and guardian Kim Sook unfolds,” it said.

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