Jeong Soon-sin’s hearing held on the 31st, handled only by the opposition

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The National Assembly decided to hold a hearing on the school violence of the son of Lawyer Soon-shin Jeong, who fell from the head of the National Investigation Headquarters.

He was treated only by the opposition, but the power of the people criticized him for “ignoring democratic procedures.”

Reporter Kim Min-chan reports.

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The Education Committee of the National Assembly adopted the ‘Jung Soon-shin hearing’ agenda as it is called by the opposition only.

The official name is ‘Hear to investigate the truth of school violence against the children of Jeong Sun-sin and establish countermeasures against school violence’.

Twenty witnesses were also adopted, including attorney Jeong Soon-shin, the principals of Minjok Military Academy and Banpo High School, and the vice president of Seoul National University.

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“If Attorney Soon-Shin Chung’s intention not to attend is confirmed, Lawyer Soon-Shin Jeong’s wife and her perpetrator children may also request to appear as witnesses……

The Democratic Party questioned matters pending in the Education Committee on the 9th, but the education authorities only repeatedly replied that it was ″difficult to confirm″ and they were forced to hold a hearing.

On the other hand, the power of the people, who strongly opposed the hearing process and witnesses, left the conference room and did not participate in the vote.

In particular, he was criticized for ignoring the democratic process for voting only by the opposition in the Agenda Planning Committee held last night.

[이태규/국민의힘 교육위 간사]

“We have a meeting at 8 o’clock, and I texted you at 8:02.

Instead, the Democratic Party countered that rejecting the hearing ″is tantamount to calling itself an anti-bullet standing committee to protect Jeong Soon-shin.

The hearing of the lawyer Chung Soon-shin will be held on the 31st at 10 am in the Education Committee of the National Assembly.

This is MBC News Kim Min-chan.


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