Jeong Yi-seo Reflects on Her First Feature Film ‘Her Hobby’ and Winning an Acting Award

Jeong Yi-seo Discusses Her Acting Award-Winning Role in ‘Her Hobby’

Jeong Yi-seo (30), an award-winning actor for her first feature film, ‘Her Hobby’, is paving her own path in the industry. Directed by Ha Myung-mi, the film is an adaptation of Seo Mi-ae’s novel of the same name. It revolves around Jeong-in (played by Jeong Yi-seo), a seemingly fragile yet strong-willed character living in a remote village, and Hye-jeong (played by Kim Hye-na), a woman who has recently relocated from the city and exudes an air of knowledge. Jeong-in’s journey forms the heart of the story.

When asked about her initial reaction to the script, Jeong Yi-seo shared, “At first, I perceived Jeong-in’s life as unhappy. However, deep down, she truly desires happiness. I found myself developing a strong attachment to this role as I yearned for her ultimate happiness. Although I was apprehensive about fully expressing Jeong-in’s repressed emotions, I viewed it as a personal challenge. During my first meeting with the director, I passionately conveyed my interest in being a part of this project.”

Jeong Yi-seo further mentioned her research process, stating, “While studying the character of Jeong-in, I thoroughly read the script and the original novel. The director recommended the film ‘Phantom Thread’, and watching it enabled me to explore the inner complexities of characters who hide their thoughts, much like Jeong-in.”

Regarding the challenges of her first feature film, Jeong Yi-seo expressed, “As this was my debut feature film, I was anxious as the shooting date approached. To counter this, I dedicated myself to thorough preparation. Jeong-in doesn’t have many lines, so conveying her emotions through expressions, eyes, and actions was demanding. To aid my performance, I installed a camera in my room and monitored myself while rehearsing. One particular memory that stands out is filming the hospital scene, where Jeong-in releases all her suppressed emotions. Witnessing her outburst was both refreshing and heart-wrenching. It evoked a complex array of emotions, leaving a lasting aftertaste.”

Highlighting the essence of ‘Her Hobby Life’, Jeong Yi-seo emphasized the importance of the “womance” between the two female characters. She shared her experience of working with her co-star Kim Hye-na, saying, “We first met during the script reading. Although we didn’t have much time for conversation before filming began, our on-set journey paralleled the friendship between Jeong-in and Hye-jeong. As the director filmed in chronological order, our camaraderie naturally translated onto the screen.”

Recounting a charming behind-the-scenes moment, Jeong Yi-seo revealed, “During the latter half of filming, we often found ourselves falling asleep after lunch. On one occasion, Hye-na and I were resting together on the bed, and the director noticed this and captured the scene. It’s likely to be included as a delightful montage in the movie.”

Jeong Yi-seo experienced the joy of winning the Best Actress award at the 27th Bucheon International Film Festival for her role in ‘Her Hobby Life’. Reflecting on this achievement, she humbly expressed, “I genuinely didn’t anticipate receiving an award. It was my first time starring in a feature film, and it was also my first film festival experience. I felt grateful to attend, harboring no expectations. When I went onstage to deliver my acceptance speech, words failed me. Although I still have much to learn, I believe they awarded me out of support. I remain grateful, and I am certain that in moments of exhaustion, I will find inspiration from this recognition.”

Since her debut in 2014 with the film ‘Kundo: Age of Civil War’, Jeong Yi-seo has made notable appearances in various web dramas and TV shows. However, it was her notable role as the pizza restaurant owner in director Bong Joon-ho’s ‘Parasite’ that left a lasting imprint on viewers.

Crediting ‘Parasite’ as a turning point in her career, Jeong Yi-seo expressed her admiration for director Bong Joon-ho and said, “I want to express my gratitude to director Bong Joon-ho. Thanks to that opportunity, I was able to explore different acting projects. If it weren’t for ‘Parasite’, I wouldn’t have had the chance to participate in ‘Her Hobby’.”

Looking towards the future, Jeong Yi-seo expressed her desire to continue working in good health. She mentioned her involvement in the TV one-act play ‘Don’t Press the Peach’, where she portrayed a dual role. Additionally, she expressed her interest in trying her hand at a lighthearted romantic comedy and embracing diverse roles. She playfully concluded, “Please contact me frequently. I’m open to new opportunities and challenges!”

Jeong Yi-seo showed her love for her first feature film, ‘Her Hobby’. Picture | Triple Pictures

I met actor Jeong Yi-seo (30), who won an acting award for his first feature film, ‘Her Hobby’, and is walking his own path.

Her Hobby Life (directed by Ha Myung-mi) is a film adaptation of author Seo Mi-ae’s novel of the same name, starring Jeong-in (Jeong Yi-seo), a seemingly weak but strong, living in a remote rural village, and Hye-jeong, a woman who moves from the city and seems to know everything (Kim Hye-na) who drew the story of the meeting.

Jeong Yi-seo said, “When I first read the scenario, I thought Jung-in was living an unhappy life, but he’s usually a person who wants to be happy. With the desire that I really wanted to be happy later, I developed an affection for the role. I was afraid because I thought it would be difficult for me to fully express Jung-in, who has lived a repressed life, but I wanted to challenge myself. When I met the director for the first time, I strongly appealed to him,” he said, revealing his reason for appearing.

“I can’t understand Jung-in 100%, but I studied the character Jung-in while reading the screenplay and the original novel. The director recommended ‘Phantom Thread’, so I watched it. The content is completely different, but those aspects where you can’t tell what the main character is thinking are similar to Jung In, so I referenced them.”

“This was my first feature film, so when the shooting date got close, I was worried if I would be able to do it. So I prepare like crazy. There aren’t many lines from Jeongin. It was difficult because I had to express my emotions through facial expressions, eyes, and actions. So I installed a camera in my room and monitored it while getting ready. What I remember in particular is when I was filming the hospital scene. It was refreshing and heartbreaking to see Jung In-yi spit out the things she had suppressed. It was a very complex feeling, but after it was over, the aftertaste lasted for a long time.”

Jung Yi-seo expressed her feelings about receiving the acting award for her hobby. Picture | Triple Pictures

The key point of ‘Her Hobby Life’ is the ‘Womance’ of the two women in the play. Jeong Yi-seo said it was fun working with Kim Hye-na for the first time.

He said, “The first time I met my senior was during a script reading. It’s a pity that we didn’t have much time to talk before filming, but the process of becoming friends with Jung In-i and Hye-jeong during filming was similar to ours. The director filmed them in order, so they were naturally included in the film.”

He continued, “During the last half of filming, we were full at lunchtime and falling asleep, so we were lying on the bed together and resting, and the director saw it and caught it on camera. It probably looks pretty. That part also comes out as a movie montage cut,” she told the behind-the-scenes story.

Jeong Yi-seo enjoyed the joy of winning the acting award at the 27th Bucheon International Film Festival with this work.

He said, “I really didn’t expect to receive an award. It was my first feature film star role, and it was also my first film festival. I was grateful to attend and had absolutely no expectations. At the time, I went up to give my acceptance speech, but nothing came to mind. It still lacks a lot, but I think they put it with a feeling of support. I’m still grateful When the moment of exhaustion comes, I think I’ll think about the things I won awards for this film.”

Jeong Yi-seo said she wanted to bow to director Bong Joon-ho of ‘Parasite’. Picture | Triple Pictures

Jung Yi-seo, who debuted in the 2014 film ‘Kundo: Age of Civil War’, appeared in web dramas ‘My X Diary’, ‘Cat Bartender’, OCN drama ‘Voice 3’, KBS2 ‘Drama Special – Goodbye Biwon’ and ‘Mine’. .

In particular, he appeared as the owner of a pizza restaurant in director Bong Joon-ho’s film ‘Parasite’, leaving a deep impression and revealing his presence.

He chose ‘Parasite’ as a turning point and said, “I want to bow to director Bong Joon-ho.” “Thanks to that, I had the opportunity to try all the works. If I hadn’t met ‘Parasite’, I wouldn’t have met ‘her hobby’.”

“I want to continue working in good health. In particular, this year is having a rich year. ‘Her Hobby Life’ was released, which I filmed last year, and I tried to play a double role in the TV one-act play ‘Don’t Press the Peach’. do you want a lot I want to try a bright romantic comedy, and I want to try different roles. Call me a lot. (Laughs)”

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