Jerome Surprises Benita with Flowers on Final Date in ‘Idol Singles 4’

Jerome from ‘Idol Singles 4’ Surprises Benita with Flowers

On the latest episode of MBN’s ‘Idol Singles 4 IN USA’, the final date of the ’10 single men and women in America’ was showcased. Benita, one of the contestants, had reservations about Jerome’s involvement in the entertainment industry. However, Jerome planned a heartwarming surprise for their last date in a bid to win her over.

As they were heading home, Jerome delighted Benita by placing the flowers he prepared in the passenger seat drawer. When asked about it, Jerome explained, “I originally planned to give them to you on the beach, but I didn’t want to show off in public. So, I left them in the car.” Benita’s face immediately lit up with a wide smile as she expressed her gratitude. Hearing this, Lee Ji-hye, the presenter, commended Jerome’s efforts, stating, “Your hard work is truly commendable.”

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Reporter Siho Lee | 2023.09.24 22:43

/Photo = MBN ‘Idol Singles 4’ screencast captures Jerome, cast member of ‘Idol Singles 4’, giving flowers as a gift to win Benita’s heart.

In MBN’s ‘Idol Singles 4 IN USA’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Idol Singles 4′), broadcast on the 24th, the final date of ’10 single men and women in America’ was depicted.

Earlier, Benita was discouraged because her date, Jerome, was active in the entertainment industry. Jerome prepared flowers as a surprise gift on the last date to win her heart.

On the way home, Jerome impressed Benita by putting flowers in the passenger seat drawer where he would sit. Jerome said, “I was going to give it to you on the beach, but he said he didn’t want to show it in public, so I left it in the car,” and Benita replied, “Thank you,” with one. a wide smile, creating excitement. Lee Ji-hye expressed her emotion by saying, “I think I’m so grateful for your hard work.”

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