Ji-chang’s son “Lee Seung-gi ♡ Da-in, the reason why I was in charge of the wedding was because of Gyeon Mi-ri’s relationship”

‘News A’

[이데일리 스타in 김가영 기자] Actor and singer Son Ji-chang tells the story of being in charge of Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in’s wedding.

In the ‘Open Interview’ of Channel A’s weekend night ‘News A’ (hosted by Kim Yun-soo, anchor), which airs on the 25th, we meet actor and singer Son Ji -chang, which fits the title of the businessman better.

The drama ‘The Last Match’, where he collaborated with Jang Dong-gun and Shim Eun-ha, is Son Ji-chang’s representative work, which is still talked about today. However, after throwing away the representative youth star business card in the 1990s and selling the CEO business card in 2000, he has been leading a medium-sized MICE (exhibition complex) company for 23 years because of his relationship with Corporate event planning and management knowledge will be poured into the wedding ceremony.

Meanwhile, Son Ji-chang intends to clear up misunderstandings about his marriage story with actor Oh Yeon-soo in 1998 and the suspicion of ‘external political pressure’ that followed after he quit’ w acting life after the drama ‘Heroic Age’ ended. in early 2004.

Son Ji-chang, an entrepreneur who dreams of distributing K content overseas, is one of the fans who saw BTS’s performance intuitively. You can also see the CEO’s belief in the ‘military service debate’ and the future direction and change of the entertainment industry. It will be revealed in the last corner of A, ‘Open Interview’.

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